In his new video, airless painter Andreas Neufeld shows his subscribers how to paint a garden wall.

He also gives useful tips and tricks to make sure the project doesn’t fail.

To watch this video in English, please click on the automatic subtitles button of Youtube.

Before to start to paint a garden wall

Before we begin, we would like to emphasize that it is important to read the information about the materials. The material data sheets summarize all the information needed for proper use.

First, take a close look at the wall. In his video, Andreas Neufeld shows what is important. For example, there may still be paint residue on the wall or there may be damage that needs to be repaired beforehand.

To remove the residue from the wall, a high-pressure cleaner can be used. This will remove the loose residue and clean the wall. Once this is done, you should check the work again. If stains are still visible, you can go over the area with a coarse brush.

Vorbereitungen der Mauer

Preparation of the wall

Depending on the condition of the wall, it may be wise to apply a primer before the actual painting. As in the video this is necessary, you can see the application of a primer of the brand Sto for this purpose.

Preparation of the wall

First, Andreas covers the adjacent garden shed and the floor. In order to secure everything, he glues everything together with Goldband masking tape. This is a particularly strong tape that you can order directly from our online store here.

Once everything is prepared, you can start applying the primer.

Auftragen der Grundierung

Preparation of the wall

How to paint a garden wall?

Start by stirring the paint well.

Then prepare your airless pump for the job. Once everything is done, the work can begin.

As seen in the video, Andreas is using a Graco pump and his colleague is also rolling for compaction.

Farbe auf die Gartenmauer spritzen

Spraying the paint on the wall

Andreas Neufeld uses a Graco RAC X size 521 nozzle, which is typically a facade paint nozzle, and his Graco Mark X pump.

After the first pass, the whole thing has to dry. How long this takes depends on the paint. In this case, it’s eight hours.

The second coat is then applied to give the wall a better finish and further protection. Once the pass is done, the masking materials can be removed.

Andreas Neufeld vor der fertigen Gartenmauer

Andreas Neufeld in front of the freshly painted wall

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