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We don’t doubt that many of our readers are really good at what they do being passionate professional painters. But certainly a couple of tips and tricks to adopt the optimal technique when working with your paint sprayer won’t hurt, because spray painting may not be so easy as it seems. Various factors may affect the quality of the spray pattern and of the finish: working pressure, gun position and hold, finger play on the trigger, overlapping paint sprays … there is more to it than you can possibly think! Here is the ABC of spray painting.

Spray fan width for Airless spray tips

Spray fan width for Airless spray tips

1. Working pressure regulation

Adjusting the working pressure optimally can have a significant impact on the end result, as well as on the quality of the finishes, the material consumption, the wear of the paint station and the nozzles and spray mist. This is why the adjustment of the pressure is so vital: too often the work is done with too strong a pressure, which disperses a cloud of paint in the room and not on the wall. Workload and cleaning time are unnecessarily increased, as is paint consumption and wear and tear.

2. How to hold the spray gun?

The gun of course can seriously impact the final result of the spraying. The gun must be held firmly and relaxed. The index finger and middle finger are used to press the trigger to start and stop the spraying process.

The distance of the gun, more particularly the nozzle, must be 25-30 cm from the surface to be worked. If the distance is greater, the spray pattern will be enlarged: this may lead to an irregular spray pattern and increased overspray formation. If the distance is less than 25 cm, then the width of the jet will be reduced and too much material will be applied on the surfaces, leading to the appearance of not exactly beautiful traces.

The spray should be directed perpendicularly to the surface and straight. Avoid as much as possible tilting your gun down, up or to the side. The distance and angle of spraying must remain the same as the gun is moved from top to bottom.

3. Where from should you start?

Working with an airless paint spray gun allows two positions: spraying and non-spraying. There are no other possibilities and a semi-projection is not possible, for example. To obtain a regular spray pattern, release the gun trigger while moving. It is therefore necessary to start by moving the arm and the gun, then press the trigger during the movement of the arm to project the paint uniformly.

If you first press the trigger of the gun before moving your arm toward the object, too much paint will be sprayed on the starting point. The same will happen when you get to the end spray point. After stopping pressing the trigger, the gun continues spitting a little more material to ensure uniform application of the paint.

4. Overlapping spray jets

To ensure uniformity of spraying, each paint application should overlap the previous paint corridor in half. In this way you will obtain a good covering effect and a uniform structure.

5. Paint the corners and edges with his airless gun

To make perfect corners and edges, the walls on each side of the corners must be painted beforehand. The video below shows quite well the technique to be implemented (from 2:06).

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