A few weeks ago we hosted Chris the Idaho Painter and his family for a few days to visit Berlin and learn more about Germany. In addition to shop talk, he also had some time to explore the city and drive the infamous Trabant! We thought it would be a great idea to prove his spraying painting skills by spraying the Berlin Wall. More in the video:


Do not worry, all the old works of art on the wall strip have been preserved. The recordings were shot in Mauerpark, Berlin. There is a provision of the wall that is available to recreational and professional artists alike. You can check out new artworks on a sunday afternoon when most of the artists create new designs. Do be prepared for a crowd! Mauerpark gets very, very busy!

For all of you who do not know Chris from his videos, here is some more information. Several years ago, under the name Idaho Painter, Chris started making videos about his work as a painter. These are mostly short info videos with tips and tricks. Often he would use airless paint spraying equipment. Chris has over 20 different brand sprayers and over 20 years experience in spray technology. His videos have been viewed on YouTube alone more than 30 million times and he is probably the most famous painter in the USA. All his videos and more info can be found in the youtube channel of the Idaho Painters.

Have you tried spraying the Berlin Wall before? Share your experience of the artwork found in Mauerpark. Have you seen the “Paint Life” image on the wall? Send us a picture to prove it!

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