From the beginning of time, man has left traces of his existence through color and painting. Over the millennia, various surfaces, from the cave wall to wood, papyrus, screen, walls and facades were embellished by craftsmanship. Like the surfaces, the painters’s tools and working techniques have also changed and developed. In the beginning, bones or the hair of the cave-dwellers were the work tool of the first choice, today the work of the painting would not be imaginable without the roller or the airless paint spraying machine.

The Infographic “(r)Evolution of Painting Tools” cleverly illustrates the development of painting tools and craft techniques from the Stone Age to the present day.


The Infographic “(r)Evolution of Painting Tools” abstract:

1. the cave man and first artist
2. animal hair to paint frescos
3. brush and Chinese writing
4. the Italian school
5. brush for all – industrial production in Paris
6. paint roller – who invented it?
7. graffiti in New York
8. airless paint sprayers in use

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A German version is also available.


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