Some time ago we presented our new FARBMAX M10 Plus sprayer.

And it was so successful with our customers that we are currently waiting for a new supply!

So today we are pleased to present an interior renovation project carried out by one of the first buyers of our FARBMAX M10 Plus sprayer.

Details of our client’s renovation project

Our client was a beginner with airless. He chose the Farbmax M10 Plus pump for its unbeatable price/performance ratio. After having determined together the paints used, the supports and the necessary accessories, he trusted us and sent us some photos and details of his work.

The first job was to apply a white undercoat on the walls, ceiling and beams (nozzle used: Graco RAC X blue size 417 at a pressure of 160 bar).

The second job was to apply a terra cotta paint part of the walls of my living room (nozzle used: Wagner HEA size 517 at a pressure of 100-110 bar). The finish is not too bad, our customer is quite happy with the result even if the preparation mistakes are always more visible after painting.

He still has to paint the ceiling and the beams in satin white. For that, he will have to do some masking on the walls.

Rénovation intérieure avec la pompe FARBMAX M10 Plus

According to our customer, the paint consumption was higher than expected, as was the overspray.

Tips: the overspray is mainly due to the wrong distance to the wall (too far away) and too high working pressure. We explain the settings to avoid overspray here.

As far as consumption is concerned, one pass with the airless spray gun is equal to a double coat of paint applied at once, because of the 50 by 50 strip overlaps. If it says on the paint can that you can paint 10 m² with one can, check if this information is relevant per coat of paint. If so, then technically you will need to double the consumption for a single airless spray.


Technical details of the FARBMAX M10 Plus sprayer

Here are the technical characteristics of this pump:

  • Power: 2200W
  • Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
  • Max. flow rate: 8,5 l/min
  • Max. pressure: 240 bar
  • Max. nozzle size: 0,041″ (ex: 541)
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Dimensions: 70 x 55 x 83 cm

Rénovation intérieure avec la pompe FARBMAX M10 Plus

Accessories for the FARBMAX M10 Plus sprayer

This pump has been improved compared to the previous version, and this also applies to the accessories that are included with the pump when it is purchased:

  •  FARBMAX Airless M10 Plus pump on its transport trolley
  • Flexible suction system or hopper (to be chosen when ordering)
  • Pressure gauge
  • Wagner Vector Pro gun (with filter #50)
  • FARBMAX nozzle size 521
  • High pressure hose (15m – DN6) with 1/4″ inch connections
  • Instruction manual

Our customer’s renovation is not yet finished but the current result is already superb!

Rénovation intérieure avec la pompe FARBMAX M10 Plus

What materials can the FARBMAX M10 Plus sprayer handle?

Simply put: all materials that are more fluid than airless coatings (from varnishes to roofing). As it is a diaphragm pump, it is not suitable for sucking up sealants and plasters.

For all other materials, and depending on your renovation projects, we refer you here to the accessories we recommend for successful work with this pump.

Do you still have questions or need more information about the Farbmax M10 Plus pump? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Airless Farbmax M10 Plus

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