The Graco APX 8200 is not a commonly used model in Europe and that is why we wanted to introduce you to this very useful model. The model presented in this blog post is currently the latest release.

The main advantage of this machine is that it has an 80-litre hopper and is more compact than the models in the T-MAX series, which are normally those equipped with a plaster tank.


Sprayable products

  • Finishing plasters
  • Filling plasters
  • Thick plaster

Technical details of the Graco APX 8200

  • Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Maximum flow rate: 8.0 l/min
  • Max. working pressure: 207 bar
  • Max. nozzle size: 0.057″ (557)
  • Motor power: 3.0 kW without brush
  • Weight: 77 kg

Graco APX 8200

Graco APX 8200 in shop on Airless Discounter


What are the specifications of this model compared to the Mark and T-MAX?

These are the advantages that make the APX 8200 THE machine for spraying plasters!

  1. Powerful machine: 8.0 l/min.
  2. Very compact and light machine for spraying plasters.
  3. Integrated 80 litre hopper.
  4. Vibra-Flo system integrated in the hopper to help the machine suck up thick plasters that have difficulty flowing (also helps against air tunnel formation).
  5. Reinforced and more compact lower pump ; this allows the machine to be more durable over time and also avoids spray pulses at the gun outlet.
  6. No filter housing ; this allows a more direct flow of product to the gun and avoids clogging at this point.
  7. 15m thicker hose than the DN13 Mark and DutyMax. This allows for better flow management and also helps against pulsation (and also a shorter 5m hose in DN13).

Finally, there are two important accessories that can be obtained separately:

  • There is also the option of fitting a hose reel to the front of the unit : 17R720 – X-FLO
  • You can install a bag press on the back of the trolley : 17R172 – BAG EMPTYING ROLLER (APX)

This Graco machine is therefore particularly well thought out for the treatment of the thinnest to the thickest plasters, thanks to its mechanics and its accessories. 

Here is a video tour of the machine


Scope of delivery of the Graco APX 8200

  • Graco APX 8200 – Base unit on trolley
  • 80l hopper
  • X-Flo hose (5/8”) 15m -17N984
  • Super-Flex hose (1/2″) 5m -17N982
  • Graco HD Inline Texture Gun – 245820
  • HDA Nozzle (any size to choose)
  • RAC X Nozzle Holder
  • Tool Kit
  • User Manual


Graco APX 8200 in shop on Airless Discounter


Manufacturer’s spraying guide


Manufacturer’s cleaning guide


Link to the APX 8200 assembly drawing

APX 8200 assembly drawing (17N350, 17N351, 17N352 & 17N353)

Graco APX 8200


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