What is the advantage of lubricating your airless pump with piston oil?

Here we explain the function and use of airless piston oil. We also show you why, when, where and how much oil to apply to the piston.

Les huiles à piston Graco TSL, Wagner Easyglide & FARBMAX

Graco TSL, Wagner Easyglide & FARBMAX piston oils

What is airless piston oil?

Piston oil is used as protection for airless piston pumps. It is a special oil that adheres to the piston.

In addition to lubricating the piston and the pump seals, the oil is mainly used to absorb dust and paint mist and separate them from the piston.

The oil binds the dust and paint particles that settle on the piston from the air and removes the oil/dust mixture from the piston.

This prevents dust and paint residue from getting between the piston and the seals/gaskets and acting like sandpaper.

Daily use of piston oil will greatly extend the life of an airless piston pump.

When should you lubricate your airless pump?

We recommend to oil the piston daily just before putting the airless pump into operation.

The operation is very simple and can be done in no time at all. Lubricating the airless pump just before starting work also creates a routine, so that oiling the piston becomes a daily habit and is not forgotten.

Where should I put the piston oil? And how much oil?

The piston oil should be applied directly to the piston of the airless device.

The amount depends on the size of the piston. However, a few drops are usually sufficient, as the oil is distributed evenly by the movement of the piston during operation.

Insertion de l'huile sur le piston d'une pompe Graco

Inserting oil on the piston of a Graco pump

The manufacturer Wagner offers a few models of the ProSpray series which have a small oil tank. By pressing a button on the housing of the spraying device, the appropriate amount of piston oil is applied directly to the piston. The oil tank on these models needs to be refilled from time to time.

Some smaller, simpler airless piston pumps cannot be lubricated. Examples of these models are the Graco GX 21 or the Graco GX FF. For airless diaphragm pumps such as the Wagner SF 23 Plus or the Wagner SF 33 Plus, it is not necessary to lubricate the piston either. Diaphragm pumps are designed differently from piston pumps, with the diaphragm being responsible for the pressure build-up instead of the piston.

What is the right piston oil for my airless?

All airless piston pump manufacturers also offer piston oil. Here is an overview of the piston oils available on Airless Discounter:

Airless Tip: The spout of the Graco TSL oil bottle should not be cut, as the opening quickly becomes too large and too much oil drips onto the piston. There is a sufficient opening in the spout. Before use, unscrew the spout and remove the cap from the oil bottle. Then screw the spout back onto the TSL oil bottle and off you go.

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