This article is dedicated to dripping and leaking guns. We received a customer inquiry on this subject, the customer is using a Graco Contractor PC gun that is leaking paint at the nozzle holder. Why is the gun leaking? How can the leak be fixed? What seal should be used?


Why is my airless gun leaking and dripping?

The cause of the leak in the nozzle holder is usually the gasket in the nozzle holder. This seal connects the gun to the nozzle.

The nozzle is composed of two parts, the metal part and the plastic part. Generally, three problems could occur with the seals.

Mon pistolet airless fuit – Trucs Airless #64

#1: the seal is damaged

Over time, the plastic part of the seal can be damaged. The causes are pressure due to clamping of the nozzle holder (hand tightening is sufficient!), wear due to regular disassembly and reassembly when cleaning the nozzle holder, workload, damage during cleaning.

Damage can also occur if the seal is incorrectly fitted, or if aggressive paints or cleaning agents are used.

Beschädigte Dichtung an Airless Pistole

Damaged seal on an airless gun

#2: the seal is completely missing

This happens especially when the gun has been cleaned. The nozzle holder and nozzle have been disassembled to rinse, clean and remove paint, and then the gasket has fallen off.

When reassembling, the gasket is forgotten and paint naturally leaks out of the nozzle holder the next time it is used.

Dichtung fehlt am Düsenhalter

Missing gasket on the nozzle holder

#3: the joint is in the wrong position

The third problem is that the gasket has been inserted incorrectly. If the gasket is placed at an angle, the nozzle may be crushed.

If the plastic gasket is not properly placed on the metal part of the gasket, it can also damage the gasket and cause the nozzle holder to leak.

Dichtung richtig einsetzen

Put the seal in place correctly

If you are having problems with leakage from the nozzle holder, check for damage to the seal. Is the gasket present and properly seated?

What seal is needed for the airless gun?

Even with the best maintenance, it is inevitable that the nozzle holder gasket on an airless gun will eventually need to be replaced. Graco and Wagner provide a replacement gasket with every new nozzle.

If additional nozzles are needed, the question often arises as to which nozzle seal is appropriate.

Here is an overview of the nozzle seal that fits each nozzle/nozzle holder:

Dichtungen für Airless Düsen

Gaskets for Airless nozzles

How to change and replace the gasket of an airless gun correctly?

    • Unscrew the nozzle holder from the gun.
    • Remove the nozzle and push the old seal back and forth. Use a wrench if necessary.
    • Be careful not to scratch or damage the nozzle holder unnecessarily.
    • Compress the two parts of the gasket (metal gasket and plastic gasket).
    • The new gasket can now be inserted. Make sure that the angle is correct, so that the nozzle can also be inserted.
    • Then the whole thing is screwed with the nozzle onto the gun. Tighten by hand and you can continue working.

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