The company Apellix from Jacksonville, Florida is working on a painting drone. We have seen similar things before. The project is still in the development and testing phase, but a first video of a test flight has already appeared. The video shows the model Worker Bee. The manufacturer describes the Worker Bee as a “wired, drone-based painting platform for large vertical surfaces” and plans to launch the finished product for 2018.

The video shows a drone connected to an airless device. A ground station supplies the drone with power and paint via cables and a hose. On the drone is a paint spray lance with a nozzle holder and a spray tip. An airless unit supplies the drone with paint from the ground. Working pressure and amount of material can be adjusted on the floor at the sprayer, the flight of the drone and the paint application are controlled via a remote control.

To be honest, in the video the finish looks rather patchy, but the basics are there and we definitely think there will be a market for this machine, especially for hard to reach or dangerous work areas. The developers will focus above all on the optimal control of the drone, because this is the most vital thing in order to achieve an even application of the material on the surface. Maintaining the correct distance from the object, a smooth flight and precise control over the flight position are important for a high quality surface finish.

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