PaintTech Academy Supports our Training Workshops

The PaintTech Academy is responsible for several Airless spraying training centers in the UK and Ireland. Our team went to England for a weekend to speak with the founder, learn about his training methods and get a hands on demonstration of his Workshop workflow.

PaintTech Academy unterstützt Airless-Discounter

Wir hatten ein volles Wochenende, unser Team war zu Besuch bei der PaintTech Academy in England. Die PaintTech Academy führt bereits seit einiger Zeit verschiedene Schulungen und Seminare zum Thema Airless Spritztechnik durch. Von diesen Erfahrungen konnten wir bei der Entwicklung unseres Schulungsprogramms profitieren. Einen ausführlichen Bericht von unserem Trip nach Großbritannien, über die PaintTech Academy und die kommenden Kurse in unserer Airless Discounter Akademie findet ihr in unserem Blog #paintechtrainingacademy #painttech #sprayingmakessense #edenbridge #whataweekend

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Our team went for a weekend to visit the training center in Edenbridge

Ian Crump, the Founder and Training Manager of PaintTech Academy visited us in Berlin in March and after a successful meeting; we wanted to take the opportunity to visit him at the Training Center in Edenbridge, UK. At the beginning of May 2018 our team flew to England for a weekend. The focus of the visit was our training concept, workshop workflow and the orientation of our Airless Discounter Academy. The PaintTech Academy began as one workshop once a week. As the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and interest grew, the Academy expanded and training is now taking place at three sites in the UK and one in Ireland. That’s why we’ve been able to leverage the experience and expertise of the PaintTech Academy team in the training area; modifying and improvising a program applicable for the German Painting market. So much was discussed, starting with the timing of training, the focus of course content, questions about safety at work and the practical part of the training. In addition, there were many many theoretical and practical questions about Airless spray technology that were answered. We pride ourselves in bringing the latest and best, tried and tested information about Airless spraying and painting equipment. We consult with the best, to bring you the best!

More information about the PaintTech Academy

The PaintTech Academy was founded by Ian Crump and Pete Wilkinson. Both have more than 20 years experience in spray technology and continue to work as painters. Ian runs PaintTech Decorators Ltd, and Pete also teaches and teaches at Preston College, Lancashire. As part of this work, Pete has also published a textbook on spray technology entitled “Fast & Flawless”. As the two got to know each other at a trade fair, the idea of ​​cooperation and the founding of a training center quickly grew. Due to the high demand for training, the company has since been expanded to four locations. Training centers are now available at the following locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland:

  • Edenbridge
  • Preston
  • Exeter
  • West Ireland

Based on many years of experience, different course concepts were developed, which were implemented in the following training courses:

  • Introduction Spraying Course
  • Advanced Trim Course
  • Furniture & Joinery Course
  • Airless Spray Plaster Course

More information about the Airless Discounter Academy

The idea has been buzzing in our heads for a long time. Now we could finally implement it. On more than 200 m², we have the opportunity to offer training courses and further training in the field of spray technology. Currently we offer an introductory course in Airless spray technology. For the second half of the year, further courses are planned in the area of ​​airless putty as well as for varnish applications. The training courses are usually designed as day courses and take place in Berlin. In the courses the participants are placed into small groups fit for the use of spray technology on the construction site. It concerns the function, the operation, care and the damage repair on spraying equipment. However, the focus is on the practical area, the application and the optimal spraying technique to avoid the formation of overspray, to achieve top operating surfaces and to save working time and costs and to implement projects more economically.

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For any further questions regarding the PaintTech Academy, you can contact us on +49 (0) 30 220 15436, fill out our contact form below or email us. If you wish to purchase one of the products mentioned above, you can check them out in our online store. You can also visit us at our service base during office hours.


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