Which hose fits the Graco T-Max 506 or T-Max 657? Which hoses fit the T-Max devices? What is the right T Max hose length? We had an email with questions on these topics. Here are the details:

Tomorrow, we need a hose for our GRACO TMAX putty machine. Which one fits and how fast can we get the hose delivered?

Graco T-Max 657 - Plaster sprayer

Graco T-Max 657 – Plaster sprayer

Which hoses are available for the Graco T-Max plaster sprayers?

Material hoses for the Graco T-Max models are available in two lengths: 5 and 10 meters. In addition, it is recommended to use a thinner hose whip, which is mounted between the gun and the material hose. The thinner hose of the whip is easier to guide and simplifies the application of putty. T Max hose options:

Material hose, blue, length 5 m, connection 1 inch
Material hose, blue, length 10 m, connection 1 inch
Hose whip, black, length 3 m, connection 3/4 inch

The smaller Graco T-Max 506 is factory-equipped with the 5-meter hose and hose whip. The working radius is 8 meters. The larger production model Graco T-Max 657 comes with a 10 meter hose and hose whip of 3 meters for a total working range of 13 meters.

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