Summer is already here and the bathing season has just opened. If you are the proud owner of a swimming pool, you may be considering renovating it.

Why renovate a swimming pool?

Many pools are sealed with a Liner, a layer PVC which makes the pool waterproof. Even if the advantages of the liner are numerous, its main shortcomings are its high cost and its inevitable replacement every ten years or so.

In this case, your pool is already (normally) waterproof and the application of a pool paint will prove cheaper for a rendering just as nice as with PVC.

Example of pool painting: Krypton Paintchlor

As specified by the manufacturer on the product sheet, it is a high performance, flexible, hard-wearing, one-component, solvent-based polyurethane resin for the construction and renovation of swimming pools and pools. This paint forms a transparent or tinted aesthetic finish membrane with great resistance and flexibility.

It can be applied directly to the concrete, to the stones or to the tiles, thus making it possible to do without the liner.

Practical case of one of our clients

One of our clients recently renovated several small private swimming pools thanks to Paintchlore resinous paint. He successfully used a Graco GX FF pump despite our initial skepticism (even the pros do not know everything ?). Here is the datasheet of the resin Paintchlore of the manufacturer Krypton for the details of application and preparation of this resin. Regarding the nozzles used, our client implemented:

  • 0.016-inch Graco RAC X FF LP nozzle
  • 0.015-inch Graco RAC X nozzle

According to our customer it is the latter nozzle that has worked best. He unfortunately did not send us a video of his work but in replacement we found a Greek video of a guy spraying a pool and it was frankly quite nice to watch:


Which airless pump to use for the renovation of a swimming pool?

Depending on the material, differently powerful airless sprayers are used for the application of the materials and the renovation of swimming pools.

For lighter coatings and materials, Airless diaphragm and piston pumps such as the Wagner SuperFinish SF 23 Plus can be used to inject, for example, materials based on epoxy resin or PU (polyurethane).

Wagner SuperFinish 23 Plus

For the application of thick and highly viscous materials for the sealing of pools, a more powerful piston pump such as the Wagner HeavyCoat HC 950 should be used. In addition, the airless sprayer should be optimally matched to the paint or the coating material.

This means that the right spray nozzle as well as the suitable filter is required for an optimal work result. For the optimum adjustment of the spraying device to the project and the applied coating material, a detailed consultation is needed.

Wagner HeavyCoat HC 950



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