Renovating Kitchens With An Airless Paint Sprayer

Do you need a painter for renovating kitchens? On a recent trip to the UK, we noticed that there seemed to be a lot of painters offering the renovation and refurbishment of kitchens among their services. This seemed to be mainly about the renovation of fitted kitchens, with the cabinet sides and the cabinet front doors repainted. Generally these jobs seemed to be performed with airless paint sprayers. Aircoat and Airmix paint sprayers would appear to be the best choice if one aims at achieving a high-quality finish for painting jobs of this kind.

Here are some before and after pictures of the renovation of a kitchen by an old friend of ours from England (Source: EC Decorating).


You can see here in the before picture, a distinctive dark brown opaque color, a look that would probably appear a bit lackluster and too old-fashioned to many customers these days.


Why renovating?

If your kitchen on the whole is in a good state, you may want to consider a renovation and a redesigning over buying a new one. The investment in a high-quality and new fitted kitchen can easily amount to € 20,000 and more. Thus, if what you want is a mere change of appearance, hiring a professional painter to give new life to the cupboards and the fronts are going to be far cheaper and for a fraction of the sum of buying a whole new kitchen.

Who is going to do the job?

These types of jobs are often accepted by smaller companies, at least in England. This certainly appears to be a nice business and a good way to make money for the painters, because the cost of materials is somewhat contained and the customer is willing to pay a good price, considering that he or she may feel they are saving a good sum of money, compared to how much the installation of a completely new kitchen would have costed them.

In the US, there are also medium-sized companies that specialize in precisely these jobs and have developed strategies to do this sort of renovations fast, profitably and are able to offer high-quality results at the same time. There is a particular company that even uses an extra paint trailer to reduce transport delay, effort and work time, while offering the customers a great service. The cabinets and the cupboards are removed, painted in the trailer immediately and quickly reinstalled.


Renovating makes sense

It appears to be a classic win-win scenario. The customer gets a total kitchen makeover for comparatively little money and the contractor earns money by getting a nice job done.


If you have any questions about the use of airless and aircoat paint sprayers for renovating kitchens, cabinets or furniture, we are happy to assist you via phone at +49 (0)30/22015436. You can also send us an email through our contact form. Have a nice spray!

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