In his new video, our friend and painter Andreas Neufeld takes on a new challenge: to restore a house facade in less than an hour!

The video shows all the steps of this test, which we will describe in more detail below. You can activate the subtitles to view this video in your language.


Preparatory work before spraying

Before starting the actual facade renovation, a few basic requirements must be met.

These steps include:

1. Careful cleaning and drying of the façade.

2. The masking of windows, doors, lamps, gutters,…in short everything that should not be covered by the paint.

3. Preparing the facade with a primer so that the paint can adhere better afterwards.

This preparatory work was carried out a few days beforehand so that the facade could be ready to be painted in its entirety.

Renovate a house facade in less than an hour – is this really possible?

Now the operation can begin. To help him, Andreas Neufeld asked a colleague to finish the work with a roller after spraying.

In the video, you can now see how the work is progressing. Once the facades of the house and the garage were completed, time stood still. After just under 55 minutes, everything is painted.

Hausfassade spritzen unter einer Stunde

Renovation of a house facade in less than an hour

The craftsman now applies the first coat, which must also dry well first. This must be at least twelve hours in good weather before the second coat can be applied. The final result can be seen in the video.

As for the accessories, Andreas sprayed the Sto Lotusan paint with a size 519 nozzle at about 160 bar.

If you want to know which pumps are suitable for facade renovation, here are our explanations and our selection of airless pumps for facades.

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