Various factors can cause malfunctions and defects on an Airless paint spray gun. In the following article we give an overview of the most common problems you may face when your Airless spray gun malfunctions or is damaged and make suggestions to help you repair the Airless spray gun yourself.

List of defects

  1. Gasket of airless paint spray gun clogged or worn
  2. Clogged filter in the handle of the gun
  3. Nozzle seal is missing on the Airless gun or is defective
  4. Lost and clogged nozzles on Airless paint spray guns

Gasket of Airless paint spray gun clogged or worn out

Nothing lasts forever, least of all the locking mechanism of an Airless spray gun. In the picture below marked in red is the seal / repair kit of an Airless spray gun. This locking mechanism can become clogged or worn out over time. If paint or other material remains in there (likely due to improper cleaning), the mechanism of the gun can be disturbed and the gun can no longer close properly.

Repair and Gasket Kit for Wagner AG08

Repair and Gasket Kit for Wagner AG08

Wear and tear can also damage the lock function and cause the gun to malfunction. Under normal operation, the gun will spray paint as soon as the trigger is actuated. If you let go of the lever, the paint or material supply is stopped and no further material is injected. Due to blockage or wear of the seal, this mechanism may not work optimally. In this case, the spray gun continues to spray paint, although the trigger has already been released. This makes the controlled application of paint with this gun impossible and the gun must be cleaned, repaired or replaced.

Clogged filter in the handle of the gun

In the handle of an Airless spray gun is a filter. This filter is used to filter out impurities in the paint and prevent clogging of the spray tip. If this gun filter is not regularly cleaned or replaced, it can get clogged and block the entire paint supply. In this case, the filter is so heavily covered with material that no further color comes through the mesh.

Graco Spray Gun Filter

Graco Spray Gun Filter

If no material is pumped through the gun, so the gun filter should be checked and cleaned or replaced.

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Tip: When using spray gun with plaster no filters are installed!

Nozzle seal is missing on the Airless gun or is defective

We receive regular calls and requests for guns that lose color at the front of the nozzle or nozzle holder. This is usually not a damage to the gun, but a problem with the seals between the gun, nozzle holder and nozzle. This seal consists of a crescent-shaped metal and a plastic seal. If these seals are missing, incorrectly inserted or damaged, the paint and the nozzle holder may leak laterally. Here in the video the correct assembly of the nozzle seals on a Graco spray gun is presented.

Graco RAC X Düsenhalter – Wechsel der Dichtungen

Wie wird die Dichtung an einem Graco RAC X Düsenhalter richtig eingesetzt? Die Frage tauchte gerade auf. Als Antwort hier ein kurzes Video dazu. #airlessdiscounters #airlessdiscounter #airless #graco #racx #tip #düse #düsenhalter #dichtung Graco Contractor Club Graco Paint Sprayers

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Tip: The seals are often lost when cleaning the gun. Therefore, pay attention to the seals during cleaning and it is best to store replacement seals.

Lost and clogged nozzles on Airless paint spray guns

Worn or clogged nozzles can also interfere with the function. Dirt or dried paint residues can clog the nozzle. Already glued airless nozzles can be cleaned with special nozzle needles. Containers for storage and preservation of airless nozzles prevent the sticking and drying of paint and paint residues in the nozzle (Wagner TipClean and FARBMAX nozzle cleaner).

FARBMAX Spray tip Cleaner

FARBMAX Spray tip Cleaner

Worn nozzles should be replaced in time as the nozzles will wash out over time. This will make the spray pattern and color distribution uneven. In addition, it leads to increased color fog and the material consumption increases significantly. Therefore, it makes economic sense to regularly replace the nozzles, as the increased ink consumption significantly more expensive than a new nozzle. After how many liters of ink a nozzle should be changed depends on various factors (eg viscosity, solids content of the ink, pressure setting), therefore no clear service life can be named. When spraying, you should therefore keep an eye on the spray pattern and, if necessary, match the spray pattern of a new nozzle.

In our shop you will find all airless nozzles:

  • Graco RAC X – blue (standard nozzle)
  • Graco RAC X – brown (putty nozzle)
  • Graco RAC X FF LP (Paint Nozzle – low fog)
  • Graco RAC X LP (nozzle for primer, dispersion – low fog)
  • Graco RAC V – black (standard nozzle)
  • Graco RAC V LineLazer (road marking nozzle)
  • Graco XHD nozzle – gray (up to 500 bar industrial applications)
  • Wagner TradeTip 3 – yellow (standard nozzle)
  • Wagner TradeTip 3 – purple (paint nozzle)
  • Wagner HEA ProTip – green (low fog)
  • Titan TR-1 (road marking nozzle)

A complete overview of all available Airless nozzles is available here.

Where can you find spare parts and construction drawings for the repair of Airless spraz guns?

We have compiled a complete overview of spare parts for Wagner and Graco paint spray guns. There you will find all construction drawings and can order the required spare parts directly:

  • Wagner AG08
  • Wagner AG09
  • Wagner AG14
  • Wagner AG19
  • Wagner G-10-1
  • Wagner G12
  • Wagner G15
  • Wagner Vector Pro
  • Wagner Vector Grip
  • Wagner Infinity

Here we have put together a complete overview of spare parts and construction drawings for the repair of Wagner Airless guns. An overview page is also available for Graco guns.

For any further questions regarding repairing an Airless spray gun, you can contact us on +49 (0) 30 220 15436, fill out our contact form below or email us. If you wish to purchase one of the products mentioned above, you can check them out in our online store. You can also visit us at our service base during office hours.