We had a Graco ST Max II 595 in our shop for repair.

Several components of the pump were worn. Therefore, the question arose whether individual parts of the pump should be replaced or the complete pump should be replaced.

The new part of the video series Airless Tips is about the repair of the pump of the Graco Classic and ST Max models.

Replace piston & components or complete pump?

Lower Pump for Graco ST Max and Classic Models

The 17C489 lower pump is suitable for all current Graco ST Max II models (such as Graco ST Max II 495 PC Pro) as well as the current line of Graco Classic models (such as Graco Classic S 395 PC).

Unterpumpe für Graco ST Max & Classic

Lower pump for Graco ST Max & Classic

For which airless devices is the 17C489 lower pump suitable ?

Here we have listed the detailed listing of the main models of Graco ST Max II series as well as the current Classic series :

  • Graco Classic 390 PC
  • Graco Classic S 395 PC
  • Graco Classic S 495 PC
  • Graco ST Max II 395 PC Pro
  • Graco ST Max II 495 PC Pro
  • Graco ST Max II 595 PC Pro

Construction drawings and spare parts of Graco ST Max and Classic models

In order to be able to clearly decide whether the lower pump should be completely replaced, it is helpful to take a look at the construction drawing.

In this way, it is possible to determine directly which spare parts are required for the maintenance and repair of the airless unit.

Then it can be quickly calculated whether the repair of the lower pump is worthwhile or whether the pump should be replaced completely.

Defekte Unterpumpe der Graco ST Max II 595 PC Pro

Defective lower pump of Graco ST Max II 595 PC Pro

In the digitized construction drawings you will also find the link to each spare part.

One click on the desired part and you can call it up in our online store, directly see the price and order if necessary.

Here are the construction drawings and spare parts overview for the Graco ST Max and Classic models:

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