In his video painter Andy Hansen proposes a comparison between working with a classical paint roll and with an Airless machine.

Thereby he not only presents the speed of the painting work, but he also tells us about the time needed for preparations before and after while using the roll and the Airless.

You can watch the video here in full length. In this article we will discuss some points in more detail.


Already in the beginning the master painter points out, that it is an apartment of a customer.

Therefore, we can naturally expect that the work will be done properly and clean.

It is also important to mention that Andy uses the Airless technique only in the three-room-apartment and will not be using the paint roll beforehand.

The preparations in the apartment

Before the preparations for the Airless technique begin, Andy already prepared the apartment a bit.

These preparations are the same, when using the paint roll. Floors, toe boards, windows and fins are covered up or caulked.

In the next step the heaters must also be protected, which he does by wrapping them. Afterwards the frames are taped off – here the paint master shows with some trained moves how fast this can go.

At the end you can see him working, and after this a first conclusion can be drawn regarding the time it took.

About 60 minutes were needed for the preparations.

From this the painter only takes 30 minutes in his calculation, because the frames would have also needed protection if he would have used the paint roller.

Next are the toe boards, for which he needed 42 minutes and he divides this again.

After that he takes care of the power outlets and the light switches in the apartment, which also need protection.

This goes fast – taking only 8 minutes. Now the windows and the heaters need to be taped off, which takes around another 20 minutes.

After this everything is done – as far as it comes to covering things up.

In the meanwhile a colleague of Andy prepares the rolls which of course also needs to be done. The time needed here is around 10 minutes.

Now Andy has to take care of the spraying machine.

He presents the machine and its several parts again and flushes the machine with water. Now he checks the spraying pattern. Because everything fits, he can start with the spraying.

Rolling vs spraying – what takes longer?

After all the preparations Andy can start with the actual work.

He puts on his protective clothing and starts immediately.

Rollings vs spraying with paint master Andy Hanson

Rollings vs spraying with paint master Andy Hanson

For the whole apartment Andy needs about 36 minutes, which is of course is a pretty good for a single run.

Now only finalizing tasks are left.

Finalizing tasks after spraying with rolling vs spraying

The individual steps are not shown by Andy, but he states, that he needs around 16 minutes for the cleaning of the machine.

After that, he needed to remove all the paper from the frames, heaters etc., which took around 10 minutes in total.

Time comparison – faster with the roll or with the Airless machine?

At the end Andy Hansen states that the three-room apartment has around 75 square meters, so 210 square meters of wall needed to be coated.

Still on the construction site, his gut feeling tells him, that the spraying technique was a lot faster.

Then he is in his office and sums up all the numbers on his desk.

He concludes that he needed 128 minutes for all before and finalizing tasks including the spraying itself.

rolling vs spraying

Because he could not do the comparison directly in the apartment, he exchanged his experiences with other painters to compare the time how long it would have taken with the paint roll.

They state values between 6 and 10 hours.

Which means it would have taken about 5 hours longer than with the roll.

So the conclusion: Airless pays off!

Paint rolling vs spraying with the Airless spraying machine – the comparison

We have also done this comparison and our paint master Mathias tested both techniques.

You can see more in our video or read in our blog.

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