Using an Airless paint sprayer for roof coating

Sun, rain, hail, wind, a roof must be able to withstand a lot. Over the years these external influences affect the roof tiles and damage the coating. There is a risk that water and frost will penetrate the roof tiles and cause further damage. Similarly, the growth of mosses and algae can affect the roof. A professional roof coating with an Airless paint spraying machine can provide a remedy and maintain the state and value of the roof.

For this purpose, the roof is cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner and, if necessary, is repaired. This is followed by the coating of the roof with a special roof paint with an Airless machine. The Airless sprayer for the application of roof paint should bring enough power to achieve a clean and uniform work result. Most roof paints are to be processed with an Airless nozzle of size 521, 523 or 525.

Here are some tips for standard roof paints:

  • Caparol Disboroof 408 – spray tip size 521 to 525
  • Emalux roof coating – nozzle size 521
  • Imparat Imo-roof roof paint – nozzle size 521 to 525
  • ISO PAINT isonite nozzle sizes 519 and 521
  • Mipa WBS roof paint – nozzle size 521
  • RELIUS Roof Acrylic nozzle size 521 to 527
  • Remmers roof color E – nozzle size 521 to 525
  • Quadra roof paint – nozzle size 521

The following Airless spraying machines are suitable for spraying these roof coating paints:

FARBMAX Airless 2700

FARBMAX Airless M10

Wagner ProSpray 3.29

Graco Ultra Max II 795

In addition, the paint sprayer should be equipped with a 30m hose to ensure sufficient freedom of movement on the roof. A 1m spray lance allows flexible application of the roof paint especially on the edges or on the roof. For ambitious DIYers who want to do it themselves or professionals who rarely perform roof coatings, renting an airless device rather than the purchase is probably the best option.

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