We regularly receive requests for spare parts for airless pumps such as the rotor and strator of the Wagner PlastCoat HP 30.

Therefore we stock a large part of the necessary spare parts and can deliver the respective components quickly when ordering via our online store.

In the exploded view below, the rotor + strator set is numbered 6.

Bauzeichnung Wagner PlastCoat HP 30

Rotor & Strator – part number 6 on the above exploded view

Order the rotor and strator of the Wagner HP 30 pump

Component 6 of the exploded view shows the rotor and strator set for the Wagner HP 30.

You can order the rotor and strator set for the Wagner HP 30 directly via the link above.

A complete overview of all parts of the Wagner HP 30 pump is available here.

Learn more about the rotor and strator?

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For more information on this topic, please contact our experts for more advice on this subject.

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