Video – SikaCor 6630 High Solid – Spray Test with Graco HVLP 9.5

Here is a short video of a spray test with SikaCor 6630 High Solid and a Graco HVLP 9.5 paint sprayer. One of our customers was planning to paint a large garden fence, so we invited him to our training and testing center to clarify his unanswered questions and to test the material and some paint spraying equipment.

Settings of the Graco HVLP 9.5 for applying SikaCor 6630 High Solid

As the product name suggests, SikaCor 6630 High Solid is a relatively thick material. That’s why we thinned to the maximum value of 3% and sprayed the material at full power. The nozzle size 5 was used.

  • nozzle size: 5
  • air supply: full power
  • dilution: 3% (max value according to manufacturer’s instructions)

Spraying garden fence with a Graco HVLP 9.5

The customer was looking for a cost-effective sprayer for his next project, spraying a larger metal garden fence. For a material like the SikaCor 6630 High Solid, it would also be possible to use an airless device. But a HVLP sprayer is probably more suitable for a painting job like this one, small bevels and the metal rods of the fence can be coated more neatly, without spraying and wasting too much material in the air.

Visit to our training and test center

The customer was a bit unsure whether the relatively thick material could be applied with a HVLP low pressure unit at the same delivering quality and speed. That’s why we invited the customer to our training center to do a few spraying tests. The customer was able to try the HVLP 9.5 and convince himself of the setting possibilities of the spray jet. Especially for small parts, bevels and the metal bars of the fence is the setting of a small round jet on the HVLP gun. With a little more area you can switch to a larger flat jet.

Ultimately, the customer was able to get a good impression, test and clarify all his questions in order to be able to approach his project well prepared.

If you have any questions about the Graco HVLP 9.5 or other low-pressure sprayers, we are happy to help you on tel. +49 (0)30/22015436 (we are based in Berlin, Germany), via email at or via our contact form. Have a nice spray!

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