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Chroma Paint Spraying Simulators

eXtended reality, XR paint spraying training tools

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What is Chroma ?

Skillveri brings the latest virtual reality techonology to the spray painting industry. Learn how to spray paint in a virtual world, using a real spray gun, with real-time feedback and reporting. Spray a wall, a car door, an industrial pipe and more with the eXtended Reality, XR spraying painting simulator.
Choose between the Chroma Z (X MAX) – a fixed unit on wheels or its portable version – Chroma Classroom, when you need to transport the simulator to different locations.

The simulation is available in English, French, Spanish and German.

How does the Chroma Simulator work?

Sensors at the trigger and a tracker at the top of the spray gun send information back to the computer via the base stations and a cable in the hose. Data is computed and relayed to the headset which displays the spray gun movements and paint spraying in real-time.

Learn how to spray

  • Airless (Decorative spraying)

  • Air-assisted / AirCoat (Protective Coatings)

  • Air Spray (Auto OEM & Auto Refinish)

Full version demo

Portable version demo

Paint Spraying Simulator Features

Training levels

Training levels

Real-time feedback

Decorative Airless real time reports Chroma


Reports Chroma

Different surfaces to be painted

Different surfaces to be painted

Sprayer settings

Gun settings Chroma

User settings

Réglages utilisateurs

Who is the paint spraying simulator for?

Training painters, decorators, contractors and automobile paint sprayers

Professional paint spraying training without the hassle of preparation time, messy materials or cleaning the sprayer. Focus your time and energy where its needed most – acquiring the spray painting skills.

Internal company training

Enhance and accelerate internal employee training. Save on training costs and get real-time feedback on staff progress.

Exhibitions, fairs and demonstration booths

Introduce the Chroma X to your next event and have your brand be the highlight of the year!

Awareness and interest for school-children

a safe and fun way of learning about the paint spraying trade, without the danger of working with harsh chemicals or high spraying pressures.

Equipment of the Chroma Z (X MAX) version includes

  • Skillveri Chroma Z computer with power cable

  • Two extender monopoles with ball heads

  • Two base stations

  • Trackers, spray gun(s) with hose(s)

  • A second (wireless) joystick for navigation

  • VR Headset, with 3-connectors cable

  • Keyboard (wireless) with trackpad

(The TV screen is NOT included with the device)

Equipment of the Chroma Classroom version includes

  • RV helmet with Skillveri Chroma Classroom system (battery operating time 2-3 hours)

  • 2 joysticks (wireless) for navigation and spraying

  • Charger for the RV helmet (full recharge in 2 hours)

(The 2 wireless joysticks each work with 1 AA battery which is NOT included with the unit)

Differences between Chroma Z & Classroom

Chroma Z

  • Real spray gun

  • Movement graph available after spraying

  • Conveyor available in the OEM module for Automotive

  • 2D and 3D spraying possible

Chroma Classroom

  • Joysticks for navigation and spraying

  • No motion graph available

  • No conveyor available in the OEM automotive module

  • Spraying only 3D

Rent or purchase the Chroma Paint Spraying Simulator

Do you want to own your very own spray painting simulator or would like a demonstration model for your next event or fair exhibition? Perhaps you just want to try it out for yourself. Contact us for enquiries to test, rent or purchase the Chroma Paint Spraying Simulator.

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