When a painter is having a problem with his sprayer, he needs to rely on the possibility of easy availability and quick delivery of the spare parts and the accessories needed to get the device working properly again. The first thing to do, however, is to be able to identify the spare parts one requires. In this example we will look at the spare parts of the Graco Ultra Max II 795 with the product number 16X873. In addition, we are providing links to the user’s manual, the technical drawing of the sprayer and the underpump, with all the necessary information about the spare parts for the gun too. This makes the search for the required spare parts much more comfortable. The most important spare parts for the Graco Ultra Max II 795 Standard (16X873) are summed up in the table below.

We have created this table to help you find the most common spare parts like the gasket kit, the piston, the inlet valve or common parts that wear over time like spray nozzle and filters for the Graco Ultra Max II 795 Standard.


Product number


248212 (alternative) Repair kit
222 16X434 Piston
220 248209 Cylinder barrel
210 287877 Piston valve
215 192624 Ball guide
212 239922 (alternative) Inlet valve seat
80 24B156 Release valve
5 287032 (alternative) Gun filters #60
5 287033 (alternative) Gun filters #100
92 244071 (alternative) Main filters #30
92 244067 (alternative) Main filters #60
92 244068 (alternative) Main filters #100
92 244069 (alternative) Main filters #200
48 189920 (alternative) Inlet sieve
Graco RAC X spray tip Graco RAC X Düse

For further information you can consult the user’s manual, the link is provided here below:

User’s manual Graco Ultra Max II 795 Standard – 16X873

If you are looking for further spare parts, the technical drawings of the sprayer, the displacement pump and of the gun can come handy too.

Technical drawing of the displacement pump for the Graco Ultra Max II 795 (page 12)
Technical drawing of the paint sprayer Graco Ultra Max II 795 (page 2)
User’s manual and spare parts for the Graco Contractor spray gun

Wanting some tips on how to find the right spray parts quickly? It does not matter if its gaskets, sieves or pressure relief valves, we will find it. Have a look at the post “How to find Graco spare parts” we have illustrated this process. If you need some assistance, feel free to contact us on +49 (0)30/22015436 (we are based in Berlin, Germany), via email at info@airless-discounter.de or fill out our contact form here below. Have a nice spraying day!