Is it possible to paint a façade with an airless sprayer ? To answer this question, we visited our friend the painter Hennig Bieck and his team in the suburbs of Berlin.

The facade of a small Bugalow-style house was renovated with a spray gun. The material used was Profitec Hybrid Facade Silicone P 413 and the Graco Procontractor UltraMax II 695 pump.

Various accessories were also used to minimize and control the formation of exterior paint overspray.

peindre une facade à l'airless

What paint was sprayed on the front of this house?

Painter Hennig Bieck chose Profitec Hybrid Silicone Facade Paint P413 for his project. Previously, a primer from the same manufacturer was applied to the facade.

We had already tested this material some time ago in our training center to check its sprayability and overspray formation, and we had a good impression of it. So we wanted to take the opportunity to test the facade paint under real conditions.

Here is the video of our test a few months ago:

Which airless pump was used on the façade?

The Graco UltraMax II 695 ProContractor pump was used to apply the material. With a maximum flow rate of 3.6 l/min, the pump is powerful enough to spray the largest facades.

In this case, 15 meters of hose are sufficient, but the use of longer hoses is also possible without any problems.


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What are the accessories used to avoid overspray ?

The formation of overspray is particularly present on the facade. There is a great fear of fogging neighboring houses or parked cars. This is why it is important to operate the airless pump in an optimal way.

If the pressure is set correctly, if the nozzle is optimally selected and not worn out, and if the gun is guided at the right angle, distance and evenly, then the paint mist is under control.

Using the right accessories can also help reduce spray mist. Here are the main ones.

Graco LP low pressure nozzle

Graco LP nozzles can be used at a lower working pressure than conventional nozzles. Lower pressure also reduces overspray.

The facade was sprayed with an LP nozzle size 423. If you want to work faster, you can also use a larger nozzle and thus apply more material (e.g. Graco LP 525 nozzle).

Airless extension of 25 cm

Hennig opted for a 25 cm extension on the front. This length was sufficient to comfortably reach the upper and lower areas of the façade. The lance maintains the correct distance of 25-30 cm between the nozzle and the wall.

The distance is critical because too much distance from the wall can result in a much bigger overspray and uneven material distribution.

In the following video, we’ve put together some tips for choosing the right extension length.

Graco CleanShot valve

The Graco Cleanshot swivel is mounted on the extension. This helps the user maintain the optimal 90 degree angle between the nozzle and the wall.

If the paint does not hit the surface at a 90-degree angle, there is a greater risk of paint misting. In addition, the joint has the function of preventing spitting on the wall.

Hose whip

This accessory is a short, thin piece of hose that is mounted between the main hose and the gun. For this renovation project, the hose whip was 90 cm long and makes it easier to guide the gun.

The arm and hand are relieved and the gun can be guided smoothly and accurately, even over a long period of time. This makes it easier to control the correct angle between the nozzles and the wall (90 degrees), the distance and also the speed.

Hose Whips for Airless Spraying

Hose Whips for Airless Spraying

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