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Hand and spraying machine in comparison with putty.

Experienced painter Andy Hansen from Germany has made a great video. He compares the application of putty using hands with the possibilities of using the machine. Andy competes with his colleague Connor. Connor applies the putty traditionally with the hand and scraper and Andy sprays with the Wagner HP 30.

The surface of the wall is just a couple of square meters, nonetheless is the advantage of the spraying technique for putty clearly visible.


Which Advantages does the use of spraying machine have while applying putty ?

The usage of machines and spraying techniques while applying putty has clear advantages.

Not only has it a higher performance in generally, but also the physical strain becomes less.

If you have ever painted more than one ceiling of a house, you will have noticed the strain on arms, shoulders and neck.

Through the spraying technique co-workers can be physically unburdened and the productivity and efficiency can be boosted.

Because more square meters can be worked off in the same amount of time.

If the assignments are there, the costs of the purchase are straightened out with the saved work hours.

If regularly used, the costs of the spraying machine are offset after a short period of time and the machine starts to make money.

spray putty

How long does the cleaning of the spraying machine take ?

There are a couple of prejudices around the subject cleaning spraying machines.

A lot of users think, that it is very complicated and takes a lot of time.

These prejudices occur often if there has been inadequate explanations and trainings with the spraying machines.

The effort needed for cleaning and maintenance is very manageable and can be done quickly, if you know how to.

In the following video, we show the standard cleaning of a spraying machine.

If you know how to clean your spraying machine fast and well, the cleaning effort does not play a role in comparison to the time savings and the high performance per square meter.

Which spraying machine is used in the video to spray putty ?

In the video the Wagner PlastCoat HP 30 can be seen, a very powerful putty machine with a capacity up to 10 kg/min.

The spraying machine is wheeled, mobile and weights 72 kilos.

A tube with the length up to 22,5 meters (including the hose whip) can be utilized.

In the video of Andy Hansen, Alligator Airless putty was being sprayed roughly with a 443 nozzle.

Wagner PC HP 30 PlastCoat

Wagner PC HP 30 PlastCoat

Which spraying machine are also qualified for putty ?

There are a couple more Airless machines, which are able to apply putty.

Here a list of the most favoured models on the market:

While choosing there are several factors, which should be considered, if you want the best spraying machine for your area.

That’s why you should clear up the following subjects in a consultation:

  • Used putty – there are different kinds of putty on the market, thicker and thinner ones, depending on the application. Most of the putty’s can be sprayed flawlessly with the 535 nozzle. Thicker putty’s need bigger nozzles. Depending on the thickness of the putty, there is also more capacity per minute needed and a more powerful spraying machine should be chosen.
  • Project size – is it all about small apartments, houses or big projects like hotels, hospitals or industrial buildings? The strain, performance per litre and features of the spraying machine should be bigger when doing large projects. That’s why the performance and features of the spraying machine need to be adjusted to the project size.
  • Frequency of usage – if the spraying machine is frequently used, the strain on the machine is bigger and a more powerful machine should be considered.
  • Also paint? – Should paint, primer and industrial glues also be sprayed with the Airless machine? The choice of machine should be adjusted to your needs and additional equipment for paint must be acquired (tube, spraying gun, filter, nozzle).
  • Weight – Are you alone on the construction site? Does the spraying machine have to be transported a lot without an elevator? If so, the weight should play an important role while picking a spraying machine
  • Costs – Even though the profitability is big, when it comes to performance per square meter and saved working hours, the price of different models should be considered. You should take a look at quality, performance, durability, services and guarantees.

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