Spraying 420 square meters in just sixty minutes – is that possible ?

In his new video has Paint master Andy Hansen the mission to work off 420 m2 in a day.

His customers want to move in the next day already.

His advantage: they exclusively want white walls. Will he make it? How will he do it? You will see it in the video.

Please consider to activate the Youtube subtitles as this video is in German :

Everything done in 60 minutes with the Airless spraying technique ?

In the beginning. Andy introduces the living space. He starts in the hallway and shows a couple of rooms, which branch off from there.

The apartment will be newly occupied, that’s the reason why it is completely empty, this of course is an advantage for the paint master.

Right after Andy starts. In a quick pass-through, we can observe him how he goes from room to room with his spraying machine.

At the same time, there is a clock running in the corner, which shows that working with a spraying machine is very useful if the rooms are well prepared.

Rolling paint vs. Spraying Airless – the comparison | Airless Discounter

Rolling paint vs. Spraying Airless – the comparison | Airless Discounter

What kind of spraying machine and accessories uses Andy Hansen ?

In his video the paint master uses the following accessories and spraying machine.

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Spraying Airless or working with the roller ?

We have also done the test with which the task is done faster.

In our video you can see a divided screen, on the one side our paint master works with a spraying machine and in the other one with a roller.

The result is obvious. Working with the spraying machine goes a lot faster.

We hear often, that the preparations and the cleaning take more time. But when we are being honest – while working with the roller the apartment must also be prepared and the rollers should also be cleaned properly after use.

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