#Airless for Dummies

The producer Wagner made a helpful video, which can positively be called the Spraying Airless for Dummies.

Within just two minutes, the video shows many tips and tricks around the handling and right use of the Airless spraying machines.

By doing so the video offers an easy start into the topic to avoid starting off wrong. More information will be listed below.

Tip #1 – Safety first – Mask, safety glasses and gloves

Wearing protective equipment means wearing a suitable mask like our 3M mask, a pair of safety glasses and gloves.

To complement you should wear suitable work clothing.

Besides, every user of an Airless machine should first read the instruction manual and read the safety instructions.

Before starting your work, you should do a visual and technical check on the spraying Airless.

Therewith you can check the operational readiness and find out if there are any damages or troubles.

The most important safety detail around the handling of Airless guns are summarized in the following video.

Tip #2 – Choosing of nozzle and filter size

The choosing of the nozzle is one of the most important parts before using an Airless spraying machine.

With the wrong nozzle getting a high-quality outcome will be extremely hard till impossible.

If the nozzle is too small, it will easily get clogged and stop the further progress.

If the nozzle is too big, too much paint will be spread on the surface and create ugly spots or swelling, much less an uneven paint spreading.

In the following video we made a summary of all the things you need to know about the nozzle selection:

Tip #3 – Do a spray test on a cardboard box

Through doing a spray test, you’re able to review if the pressure is adjusted correctly.

If isn’t the case, you are able to regulate it before using it on a wall.

If the spraying picture is unsatisfying you can boost the pressure or reduce it; you can thin down the paint or choose the right nozzle.

The following video will show you how to do a spray test, to start with the perfect pressure.

Tip #4 For a bigger range use a nozzle extension

Spraying lances help reach ceilings, high walls and labyrinthine corners without a ladder or rack.

Thereby lances are also useful to create the right distance (ca. 25-30 cm) between the nozzle and the wall.

More information will be given in the video.

Tip #5 – First edges and corners, afterwards the bigger areas – really?

In this point we don’t completely agree with the Wagner video.

The biggest advantage of the Airless technic compared to a roller or brush, isn’t only it’s speed or the quality of the surface, but also the fact, that the Airless gun with lance is easy to use for corners or edges.

With a roller I’m not able to reach all these areas, that’s why in this case I need to prepare or “trim” as a professional would say.

Which means painting the edges and corners first, with a small roller or paintbrush and afterwards the bigger areas with a bigger paint roller.

This step can be skipped by using an Airless machine.

Which reduces the time involved, paint and the even spreading of the material.

This topic is discussed in detail in our video.

Tip #6 – Paint application after moving spraying machine

Move first, then spray, otherwise to much colour will be painted at the starting point.

This belongs to the basic knowledge of spraying technics.

Tip #7 – Use a steady speed while spraying

Only when you use a steady speed you are able to spread the paint evenly. If the gun is moved to slow, too much paint lands on the surface.

Paint tears and drips are the result.

If you move the spray gun too fast, not enough paint will cover the wall or surface.

The right speed is therefore a very important point, which can be trained fast.

Tip #8 – For an even paint application: strips leave ca. 30% – better 50%

Or is it better overlap 50%?

If I work like this, while I spray the second layer of paint half of the first colour strip is painted again.

So the advantage of using 50% is that all areas are sprayed equally two times.

If you overlap it with 30% parts of the surface will only be painted once and other will be painted twice.

Which means that using 30% also means an uneven colour application, why I would recommend using 50%.

Tip #9 – With an even distance right-angled to the surface

25-30 cm distance to the surface and a 90 degrees angle needs to be fulfilled at all time, to receive an even paint spreading without guaranteeing unnecessary colour overspray.

Tip #10 – Cleaning of Airless colour spraying machines

To conclude this post on Spraying Airless for dummies, I want to add as Tip 10 the cleaning of Airless spraying machines.

The cleaning for beginners seems to be overly complicated and time-consuming.

If you know how it is not a big deal and only costs you a few minutes.

The following video will show you how.

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