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Can you use Airless shield together with spraying scrapers ?

Master Painter Andy Hansen testes it in his video Airless shields. Andy applies in the video spraying putty with the Wagner HP 30 and a big scraper nozzle.

The putty is applied a bit thicker, because wall fabrics are incorporated as well. Normally the windows must be taped off, to avoid any putty on the window or its frame.

In the video, Andy tries it without any taping and uses instead an Airless shield. In that way, he saves time and covering materials and can apply the putty until the edge.


The test was successful, the putty could be applied without any complications and the windows were protected.

To ease the cleaning of the shield, he taped it off.

Like this the paper with the excessive putty can be easily pulled off after the task and the shield stays clean.

It is important to fixate the paper correctly.

Airless shield in usage with spraying scrapers

Which Airless shield are there ?

Airless shields are available in three different sizes.

The Aluminium shild with size 91×23 cm, the light weighted shield made out of plastic in 61×23 cm and a shield in which cut cardboard can be utilized.

Click on the links below to order those airless schields on Airless Discounter.


Airless shield made out of aluminum


Airless shield made out of plastic


Airless shield made for cardboard

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