It is important to properly clean and maintain your airless nozzles in order to rid them of paint residue and keep them in working order for the next use.

Here we explain how to properly clean and care for your airless nozzles.

Why do airless nozzles need to be cleaned?

Cleaning and maintenance of the airless nozzle is important to remove paint residue and prevent the paint from drying on the nozzle.

Paint residue can render the nozzle unusable, especially when it remains directly in the nozzle channel and dries there. The nozzle channel is then blocked and the paint cannot be sprayed through the nozzle the next time it is used.

A completely clogged airless nozzle

A completely clogged airless nozzle

How to take care of your airless nozzles?

After working with an airless spray gun, the nozzle must be cleaned externally and any remaining paint removed. A sponge or brush is suitable for this purpose. In addition, the nozzle should be rinsed to remove any remaining paint from the nozzle channel.

For a thorough cleaning and to remove clogs, the nozzle can also be turned 180 degrees and rinsed again. To be on the safe side, it is best to store the nozzles in an hourglass until they are needed again.

Rinse and clean the airless nozzle

Rinse and clean the airless nozzle

What is the purpose of an hourglass for cleaning airless nozzles?

This accessory is used to store, preserve and transport airless nozzles. The hourglass contains a solvent-based cleaning fluid.

The shape of the hourglass makes it possible to remove the nozzles without having to dip your fingers into the solvent-based cleaning fluid. Simply turn the hourglass to the other side, so that the cleaning fluid flows downwards and the nozzles can be easily removed.

The Farbmax airless nozzle cleaning hourglass

The Farbmax airless nozzle cleaning hourglass

In addition, storing the airless nozzles in the cleaning hourglass prevents paint residues from drying on the nozzles and in the nozzle channel, even if the nozzles have not been cleaned sufficiently after the job. This is because the cleaning fluid dissolves stubborn paint residues and prevents the paint from drying.

What cleaners are available for cleaning airless nozzles?

Airless nozzle cleaning sanders are offered by Wagner under the name TipClean and by FARBMAX. The principle of operation and the structure are comparable.

Both acccessories are supplied with 200 ml of nozzle cleaner. In addition, both FARBMAX and Wagner offer a one-litre refill bottle.

Düsenreiniger Eieruhr von Wagner & FARBMAX

Wagner & FARBMAX airless nozzle cleaners and sandblasters

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