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In a lot of American videos about the Airless spraying technique, Airless shields or also Spray Shields are seen.

These Airless shields are barely sold on the European market.

That’s why we questioned the usefulness and the sense of the Airless shield.

In the upcoming video we will discuss what an Airless shield actually is and how it can be used. In addition, we will explain the basics of handling the shield and we will take a look around the purchasable models.

What is an Airless shield or a Spray Shield ?

An Airless shield is a shield with a grip bar.

In English it is also often called Spray Shield and is used to mask and protect certain areas, which are not to be sprayed with paint while using the Airless machine.

The Airless shield can also be used to limit the paint dust.

In this way the Airless shield can help to reduce work, time and material efforts and enables a cutdown on covering materials.

When does an Airless shield makes sense ?

Airless shields can help to protect and cover edges, ceilings and floors.

Also, it’s usage for cutting on door and window frames is possible.

As advantage: Airless shields reduce the work that is needed to cover up areas, which are not to be sprayed (time saved, easement of work, less usage of covering materials, cost reducing).

But what kind of disadvantages are there? The covering up leads to more high-quality work results, than the Airless shield would.

However, the shield can make sense for experienced users.

Especially if it is about the time saving and fast setup of the shield, but not about the highest standard of quality (e.g cellar, garage).

airless shield

Usage of an Airless shield in an area with edge

How do you use an Airless shield flawlessly ?

You hold the Airless shield on its grip and position it, that the areas, which are not to be sprayed, are covered and cannot be sprayed with paint.

Between the grip and the shield, there is a joint.

With this, you can adjust the angle of the shield perfectly.


Joint of the Airless shield

The shield can easily accompany parallelly the spray jet of the Airless gun.

Depending on the position, it can be helpful to accessorize the gun with an Airless lance.

The grip of the Airless shield is roundabout 40 centimeters.

If needed this grip can be exchanged with a 120 centimeters one.

Which Airless shield is the best ?

We have three different Airless shields in our assortment.

A steel shield, a plastic shield and a shield, which can be equipped with cartonnage.

Airless shield made of aluminium

The steel one is with 91 centimeters the biggest one.

It is made from aluminum and is a bit heavier than the plastic one.

Therefore, it offers a good stiffness and stability despite its width.


Airless aluminum shield 91 x 23 cm order directly – click here

Airless shield made of plastic

The Airless shield made of plastic is smaller and 61 centimeters wide. Enough for most projects.

In addition, this shield is, because of its size and material, a bit lighter in weight.


Airless plastic shield 61 x 23 cm order directly – click here

Airless shield with cartonnage insert

The Airless shield with cartonnage insert has a clamp, where variable cut carton pieces can be placed. The advantage: it is very flexible usable and the size of the shield can be changed, depending on what you need.


Airless shield with cartonnage insert order directly – click here

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