We had our first overview of the Graco TexSpray FastFinish Pro. In our training and testing center, we had the opportunity to test this device a bit more closely. The TexSpray FastFinish Pro is used to create textured surfaces in the decorative area including materials such as acoustic plaster up to 3 mm grain size. The system is simple and consists of a compressor, a 15 m hose for compressed air and the gun. The sprayer is driven by light flux and weighs 33.5 kg. The air capacity of the compressor is 255 l / min at max. 2.8 bar pressure. Enough pressure to rip and spatter the material.

The pistol holds a maximum of 5.7 liters of material, so with extended use, operating this gun bears a physical load for the user. This a problem that exists with all pistols of this type, where the material is held in the small hopper above the gun. However, different grip options provide some relaxation for the user. In addition, Graco has come up with an interesting feature for the gun. Conventional pistols of this type are supplied by gravity with spray material. This makes it difficult to impossible to work well overhead, even if ceilings are to be processed. The Graco TexSpray FastFinish Pro is closed at the top and the material is additionally supplied by compressed air. This also makes it possible to work overhead to spray ceilings. The compressor of the system is quite loud – like most compressors of this size. The operation is quite straightforward and self-explanatory. Put the material in, switch it on and go. Settings located on the gun allow you to regulate the air supply and adjust the material flow.

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Cyril Julien from French Renovation in Paris was our guest to test the TexSpray FastFinish Pro. In addition, Chris Berry, the Idaho Painter from the USA and Ian Crump from the Painttech Academy from the UK were on site. After Cyril started, the other guys were interested and wanted to test the sprayer. In Europe, structured surfaces are less in demand. Customers want rather smoothly filled walls, the market situation is similar in France and England as Ian and Cyril confirmed. In the US, things are different, for Chris the Idaho Painter orders of this kind are standard program. That’s why the TexSpray FastFinish will be used primarily in the USA. For one or the other customers in Europe, it is also an interesting solution for quickly and easily creating structured surfaces.


  • Acoustics
  • Drywall Mud (Knockdown, Spaller and Orange-peel)
  • Fine Concrete Overlays
  • Deck Coatings
  • Fireproofing
  • Waterproofing

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