# Spraying Plaster

The processing of spraying plaster (also referred to as spackle, putty or stucco) with an Airless device is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative means to preparing a wall.

Customers who have asked for wallpaper in the past, are now often wanting smooth, clean walls today.

Having a smooth, evenly plastered layer makes subsequent paint coat layers bind easier to the wall and improve the overall finish.


The Best Airless Sprayers for Spraying Plaster

When spraying plaster with an Airless device, large surfaces can be processed quickly in high quality. Moreover, an Airless spraying device will achieve an even spray pattern, creating a smooth, uniform plaster coat.

With the manual application of plaster, much is left to experience, transitioning between painting and plastering isn’t so easy. When using an Airless sprayer however, you will quickly find that you can achieve high-quality work results in a short time, as using a spray gun and preparing the machine is the same.

In addition, the Airless paint sprayer can also be used for priming, spraying the dispersion paint after filling, as well as for the use of other spraying materials such as facade paints, silicate and latex paints, fire protection or roof coating. With a paint sprayer of this class, you are also equipped for many other work areas and can cover additional orders if necessary.


  • faster job thanks to high surface coverage
  • quality work finish
  • easy to use
  • spraying skills transferrable to other materials, and therefore
  • application of other materials such as primer and dispersion paint are possible

Important: not every Airless device is suitable for spraying plaster.

While some Airless sprayers can handle all tasks, some sprayers are specialised, others might not have the capacity to handle heavier liquids. We outline the requirements and recommend good Airless sprayers for spraying plaster below.

Machine requirements for spraying plaster

The Airless paint sprayer should have enough power (4 liters delivery rate per minute or more). As a rule, an electrically operated piston pump is recommended since Airless piston pumps can process and convey thicker and highly viscous spraying materials better.

In addition, the sprayer accessories should be designed for plaster. The spray gun, the nozzle, the hose and the filter should be adapted to the thick filler material. Airless spray filler is thick and is processed in large quantities, so the passage is usually larger than for a lacquer, finish- or dispersion paint.

Therefore, the gun should be suitable for plaster and be operated without a filter. The hose should have an internal diameter of 10 mm (DN10), 13 mm (DN13) or more. The main filter should be removed from the paint sprayer and the lower inlet strainer should be coarse mesh to provide protection, but also to allow for the passing of the filler compound.

Which Airless sprayers are suitable for spraying plaster?

Here are some common sprayers from Graco and Wagner which can be used to process and spray plaster, along with paints and primers:

Graco Mark V – the starter model

The Graco Mark V is the entry-level model for spraying compounds. The delivery rate is 4.3 liters per minute and the maximum nozzle size is 0.037″. The machine is compact and the weight in the standard version is 59 kg.

The supplied spray equipment, consisting of 15 m hose (3/8), hose whip, Graco HD Blue gun and RAC X nozzle, is designed for the processing of spray plaster. For very thick plaster or large surfaces it is recommended to use a more powerful spraying device.


Graco Mark VII – the big brother of Mark V

The Graco Mark VII can be described as the big brother of Graco Mark V. With a maximum delivery rate of 6.0 liters per minute and a maximum operating pressure of 230 bar, thicker compounds can be sprayed with a nozzle size up to 0.041″. The design is also quite compact and the weight is 63 kg in Standard version and 73 kg in the ProContractor variant. The Graco Blue HD spray gun is also available in the Graco Mark VII range.

However, the hose is thicker (1/2 “thread with 13 mm inner diameter of the hose) than with the Mark V to ensure the passage for the higher flow rate of the Mark VII. For spraying primer, dispersion and other materials it is worth buying extra equipment better suited for those thinner viscosity materials such as a spray gun, nozzle, hose and filters.

Graco Mark X

The most productive Electric sprayer in the Graco Airless/Texture spraying line-up. This powerhouse delivers nearly double the output of the Mark V and as such is the go to sprayer for serious professional contractors that have 240V power available on the construction site or have access to a generator.

The Graco Mark X is easily capable of spraying a skim coat in a Level 5 finish and drywall mud in an orange peel, splatter or knockdown finish. Using suitable spray guns, filters and spray tips, it can spray an entire range of materials including primers and paints.

View the GRACO MARK X MAX PROCONTRACTOR – 17E671 in our online shop here

TexSpray Mark X 240 Volt Sprayers Include:

  • Heavy-Duty Inline Texture Gun
  • LTX531, LTX541 SwitchTips and Guard
  • 1/2 in x 50 ft (13 mm x 15 m) BlueMax II Airless Hose
  • 3/8 in x 3 ft (9.5 mm x 0.9 m) Whip Hose

Available in both the Standard version and ProContractor version.

Graco Mark X ProContractor version

Graco Mark X ProContractor version

Graco Mark X Standard version

Graco Mark X Standard version


Wagner ProSpray PS 3.39 – agile and powerful

The Wagner PS 3.39 is the lightest spraying device for spraying plaster on the market, but still brings a lot of performance. The German manufacturer Wagner has achieved the balancing act here and offers a spraying unit with only 44 kg, despite a delivery rate of 5.0 liters per minute and a maximum nozzle size of 0.039″.

Especially for small companies an interesting solution or if only one man is on the construction site and has to handle the transport and the loading and unloading of the device from the car alone. The Wagner Airless is equipped with a 1/2″ hose with 13 mm inner diameter for putty as well as the AG14 or AG19 gun for filler compound and a corresponding nozzle. A quite practical feature is the separate main filter seal for filler compound as well as the oil tank.

Wagner ProSpray PS 3.29 – Airless Paint Sprayer

Wagner HeavyCoat 750 – Electric Airless sprayer

The Wagner HeavyCoat HC 750 E is a very powerful hydraulic piston pump, powered by electricity. This Airless spray pump suits large industrial projects. The Wagner HC 750 E is one of the most powerful paint sprayers that can be employed with standard electricity. You don’t need any high-power current  to work with this pump.

This sprayer is suitable for spraying the following materials fire protection coatings, emulsion paints, latex paints, fibrin glue, corrosion protection, iron mica paint, zinc dust, thick layer and bitumens.

Wagner HeavyCoat 750 Electric Airless sprayer

Wagner HeavyCoat 750 Electric Airless sprayer

Wagner HeavyCoat HC 950 SSP – high performance with scoop piston

The Wagner HeavyCoat HC 950 SSP is suitable for very large projects such as multi-family houses, commercial buildings and industrial buildings, as well as for medium and large jobs up to 800 m² daily output. For the processing of materials, we recommend the equipment version SSP, an additional scoop piston, which supports and simplifies the processing of thick spray mediums.

The maximum delivery rate is 6.6 liters per minute (nozzle: 0.052″), the maximum working pressure is slightly higher than the Graco models. The weight is 84 kg with the SSP scoop piston, without SSP one kilo less. The delivery from the manufacturer takes place in the spatula equipment with a 1/2 “hose with 13 mm inner diameter and the Wagner AG19 spraying gun with a special nozzle for putty.

Wagner HeavyCoat HC 970 SSP – it does not get more powerful

The Wagner HeavyCoat HC 970 SSP is the most powerful Airless paint sprayer in its class. 10 liters per minute of delivery rate with a maximum working pressure of 250 bar and a nozzle size of up to 0.056″. In other words, a sprayer for the very large painting jobs and highly viscous materials. With the HC 970, surface capacities of more than 800 m² per working day are possible.

Again, the SSP dosing unit is available for highly viscous spray mediums such as plaster. With a 1/2″ hose with an internal diameter of 13 mm, the Wagner AG19 spray gun and the appropriate nozzle putty, this airless machine is perfectly equipped for spraying jobs with plaster. To obtain high performance, a 400 V connection is required, which should be available on most major construction sites. The weight corresponds to the power and is 100 kg, one kilo more in the SSP scoop piston version.

Wagner HeavyCoat 970 HC-970 E SprayPack

Specialised sprayers for plaster

While the sprayers above have a wide application range, Graco has two sprayers that are highly specialised for plaster spraying.

If you want a sprayer dedicated to this type of material, then consider these two.

T-Max 506

This airless pump is ideal for spray putties and spray spackles. Thanks to a max. delivery rate of 6.4 l/min and accessories especially conceived for the applications of plaster materials, the Graco T-Max 506 guarantees higher productivity and faster job completion times.

Hose 15 m

Material container holds 60 litres

Graco T-Max 506 - Plaster sprayer

Graco T-Max 506 – Plaster sprayer

T-Max 657

If you looking for a more powerful version of the T-Max 506 above, this Airless pump is also specialised to spray putties, plaster and spackles, with increased max. pressure and delivery rates.

It has a max. delivery rate of 7.2 l/min and accessories especially conceived for the applications of plaster materials, the Graco T-Max 657 guarantees higher productivity and faster job completion times.

Hose 30 m

Material container holds 90 litres



Graco T-Max 657 - Plaster sprayer

Graco T-Max 657 – Plaster sprayer

T-Max 6912

the latest edition to the Graco T-Max range, the T-Max 6912 has a whopping 12 litre per minute delivery rate and a larger hopper for uninterrupted material flow into the system.

Graco TMAX 6912 Airless / Air-assisted offers the following features:

  • Max. Thickness for scraper: 0.071″ with RAC X SwitchTip
  • Max. delivery rate: 12 l / min.
  • Max. Pressure: 69 bar
  • Engine power: 2 kW
  • Voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz

Which materials can be used with an Airless spraying machine?

Not all plaster can be sprayed with an Airless device without problem. Here are the most common spraying plasters that can be processed with an Airless device:

  • Bito MS 108
  • Brillux Airless Filler 1885
  • Brillux Airless Filler 1890
  • Caparol KF
  • Diesco
  • Dinova Airless Spray Filler ELF
  • Herbol Spraypipe Airless
  • Knauf Sheetrock Super Finish
  • Maxit Airless Spray Filler G
  • Murexin Airless Spraypipe Durapid AS 30
  • Palmcolor Airless Spray D5
  • ProfiTec P 590 spray filler
  • Pufamur RAK 3
  • Relius Spray Filler Fine
  • Rigips ProMix Airless F
  • SIGMA Spray Filler
  • StoLevell In AS
  • Tex-Color Airless
  • Zero Airless fine
  • 605 Megamur Airless easy
  • 606 Megamur Airless fine

Buying or renting?

Buying or renting a sprayer, this is a serious question for many small time painters and decorators, because a professional Airless paint sprayer can be very costly up front.

It is up to you to see if the type of work you do is worth an investment in a paint sprayer. For those who do not need an Airless machine all the time, probably renting one is the best option.

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