Wear can damage the pump on Graco Ultra and UltraMax Airless equipment. As an error message, the red light below the pressure control illuminates four times after the trigger has been removed – for example when the pump is blocked. In this case, the pump has reached its lifetime and should be replaced. In the video, the steps to repair the pump of the Graco Ultra and UltraMax are explained in detail.

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To order a replacement pump, simply choose from the list below:

Step-by-step instructions for repairing the Graco Ultra & UltraMax pump

  1. Disconnect power (battery / cable)
  2. Relieve pressure
  3. Remove nozzle holder with nozzles and cup
  4. Remove the syringe / flushing switch
  5. Loosen the housing screws and remove the upper shell of the plastic housing
  6. Remove defective pump (previously remove anti-static cable – only Graco UltraMax)
  7. Insert replacement pump – Leave plastic protection on pump (connect anti-static cable to pump – Graco UltraMax only)
  8. Position pump and remove plastic guard
  9. Place plastic housing and screw together
  10. Mount the syringe / flushing switch
  11. Install nozzle holder and cup system
  12. Test sprayer

Safety Note: To repair and replace the pump unit of the Graco Ultra and Graco UltraMax, disconnect the sprayer from the power supply (battery, cable). In addition, the pressure should be released via the relief valve. In addition, please observe the operating and repair instructions of the manufacturer.

More information on the Graco Ultra and Graco Ultra Max

For more information about Graco Ultra & UltraMax, we have summarized for you in the following posts:

Safety note: The instructions in the operating instructions should be taken into account in the above-mentioned measures for fault elimination. In addition, the sprayer should be disconnected from the power supply (cable or battery) and the unit should not be under pressure (depressurize).

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