One of our partners has been using their airless sprayer to disinfect an ambulance. The process was quick and the result convincing. Since we received many inquires regarding this topic, we summarized the most important information in this article to help you get an overall idea of how airless sprayers can be used for disinfection. More information about disinfectants, spray tips as well as regarding health and safety at work are provided below the video.

To show our support in these difficult times, we decided to make our entire rental stock available, free of charge, to hospitals and public institutions located in the Berlin-Brandenburg region for disinfection purposes. Just give us a call and we will provide you with an airless sprayer suitable for this use. More information is provided below.


Desinfektion eines Krankenwagens mit einem Airless Farbspritzgerät

Einer unserer Partner hat heute die Desinfektion eines Krankenwagens mit einem Airless Farbspritzgerät durchgeführt. Es scheint gut und schnell zu funktionieren. Für diesen und ähnliche Zwecke stellen wir Krankenhäusern, der Feuerwehr und anderen öffentlichen Einrichtungen aus dem Raum Berlin/Brandenburg gern kostenfrei unseren gesamten Mietpark an Airlessgeräten zur Verfügung. So können große Flächen zeitsparend desinfiziert werden. Ruft uns an (Tel. 030/22015436). Mehr Infos:

Gepostet von Airless Discounter am Mittwoch, 25. März 2020


Which disinfectant is used in the video?

We received many questions about the disinfectant used in the above video. The product’s name is PERFORM®, disinfectant powder, 900g. However, other disinfectants can also be used. Please check carefully beforehand whether the disinfectant is suitable for spray application and read the information leaflet and manufacturer’s instructions to ensure a risk-free application and obtain the desired effect.

Safety measures for airless spraying

Please follow all manufacturer’s instructions regarding airless spraying of disinfectants in order to protect your health and ensure efficient and safe disinfection. In addition to appropriate protective clothing, you should wear a breathing mask, protective gloves and closed safety glasses.

  • Protective clothing (overalls)
  • Protective gloves
  • Closed safety glasses or full gown and visor
  • Breathing mask (for example, A2 type mask)

In addition, please follow carefully all fire and explosion protection guidelines when using alcohol-based disinfectants.

Which spray tips should be used for disinfection?

Disinfecting agents are usually very fluid, so relatively small spray tips like those used to apply lacquers and varnishes, can be used. Furthermore, a wide spray jet is required so as to cover a large area with every application. Spray tips with a spray angle of 50 degrees and a bore hole size of 0.008 to 0.013 are appropriate, for example spray tips with size 511.

Our offer: Free of charge airless sprayers

We are making our rental stock available to hospitals, public institutions and emergency services located in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, free of charge, for disinfection purposes. Give us a call (Tel. 030/22015436) for more information and we will provide you with an airless sprayer as quickly as possible.