The operation and handling of an airless paint sprayer has a strong effect on the spray pattern and work results, so it is important to use the right technique. Simple points such as the optimal spray angle, the position and position of the paint spray gun play an important role. Just as the correct distance between the spray nozzle and the wall. Another point is how to move the gun while spraying, in order to ensure an optimal paint application. The following video gives an overview of the most important aspects of the spraying technique.


Horizontally or vertically?

By changing the position of the airless nozzle one can adjust to have a horizontal spray jet (right to left or left to right) or a vertical spray jet (jet from top to bottom or bottom to top) . The position of the nozzle can be quickly adjusted according to the preference of the user. With both positions high quality results can be achieved.

Distance between nozzle and wall

The correct distance from the airless spray nozzle to the wall or to the object is important for an optimal and even paint application without unnecessary mist formation. Optimal is 25 – 30 cm between the nozzle and the wall.

Spraying angle

The gun should be guided along the wall at an angle of 90 degrees. This means that the paint meets the wall at the optimum angle and a high-quality surface finish can be achieved. Many users tend to change the angle of the pistol to reach out. The changed holding angle can result in a smaller and uneven paint application at these points. If possible, the 90-degree angle between spray gun and wall should always be maintained.

Spraying while moving

The trigger of the airless spray gun should be operated while moving the gun. That is, you should first move the arm with the gun along the wall before pulling the trigger of the gun and start spraying the paint. If you pull the trigger first, start to spray and move the arm with the gun only afterwards, this can provoke a strong and uneven paint application at the starting point. Therefore spray out of motion. Move the gun with the same speed over the surface of the wall so that the paint is distributed in the same quantity over the entire surface.

Overlapping with the spray jet

In the case of the paint application, 50% is overlapping, ie one spray jet covers half of the previous spray jet. This means that each area is sprayed twice and thus a uniform and well-covering surface result can be achieved.

Adjust the pressure optimally

Lastly, another issue to achieve optimal spraying results is the correct setting of the pressure, here a detailed video as well as a further article on this.


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