Proper consideration of the Airless pressure setting when spraying paint with an Airless paint sprayer is a vital point to achieve a high-quality work result. In addition to the surface coverage and the uniformity of the spray pattern, the pressure adjustment also has an effect on overspray formation, paint consumption and the wear and tear of the paint spraying machine, spray gun and the nozzles.


How does too little pressure affect the spray pattern and the working result?

In the case of paint application with insufficient pressure, the material is not sufficiently atomized and irregularities in the spray pattern can occur. On the wall or on the object, these irregularities are shown in an uneven distribution of the color. In most cases, striping occurs mainly at the upper and lower edge of the spray jet. There, more material is sprayed on, while in the middle area there may be misfires and gaps with insufficient paint application.

How does an excessive pressure affect the spray pattern and the color distribution?

When spraying too high with an airless sprayer, the paint is sputtered too much and accelerated, resulting in unnecessary formation of paint mist and overspray. In addition, the airless device is loaded more heavily than necessary, which increases the wear of pistons, seals and valves. The same applies to the airless spray nozzles used, which are subject to increased wear and tear at higher working pressures.

The goal should therefore be to work with the lowest possible pressure setting, but still use enough pressure to obtain a uniform spray pattern. 

Can you always spray with the same pressure setting using the same Airless machine?

Different materials have different viscosities, so they are thicker or thinner. Thinner lacquers and paints usually require less pressure to achieve uniform atomization. Thick paint, on the other hand, requires a higher working pressure in order to achieve a high-quality work result. But the dilution or temperature as well as prolonged storage also affect the viscosity and structure of the material.

How can you optimally adjust the pressure on an Airless sprayer?

For optimal adjustment, there are usually indications in the technical data sheet of the paint manufacturer, on which you can orient yourself. If there is no data on a new material, proceed as follows in order to adapt to the optimum setting of the print. Start at low pressure and then gradually increase the pressure setting until a uniform spray pattern with good atomization results. For this purpose, it is best to spray on cardboard or cover material outside the working area until an optimal spray pattern is obtained.

How should the optimal spray pattern of an Airless paint sprayer look like?

The perfect spray pattern and the optimal pressure setting on an airless device should deliver the following results:

  • uniform distribution of the paint over the entire width of the spray jet
  • no banding at the edge
  • no paint smearing

What if my machine does not have a pressure readout?

An external manometer or pressure guage can be added to machine. It is placed between the hose and the paint sprayer – where the hose would usually attach.

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