At the National Painting and Decorating Show in Coventry, England, where we were last week, we discovered a new airless paint spray extension that you can extend to a length of up to 3.80 m. The Idaho Painter, who was there with us, gave a little demonstration of this extension in the SprayZone mounted by the Paint Tech Training Academy, just to give visitors a little taste of this new and in a way very unusual accessory.

Construction of the airless spray extension

This extension is clearly not your common spray lance on the market. With the standard spray extension, you attach it to the front of your gun. In this case instead the gun is located on the top of the extension and you action it with a trigger system at the other end of the lance. The paint hose runs down the lance and is held by clamps on the lance to prevent it from moving and getting in the way. At the bottom of the lance is a trigger over which a Bowden cable is operated. The Bowden cable can be used to control the pistol, which as we said is mounted on the front of the spray extension. The lance can be retracted and extended and can be optimally adapted to the required working height.

Advantages and disadvantages of this airless extension

This lance impresses with its maximum length of 3.80 m. In addition, the installation of the gun at the front end of the lance seems an interesting solution. But what advantages or disadvantages come from the system while doing the actual work? Here are a few first considerations.

Advantages of the Hyde airless lance

The length is an advantage, because when you have 3.80 m at your disposal, you can reach even very high surfaces without the need for a ladder or scaffolding. This makes working safer and faster. You don’t have to mount any scaffolding and this alone can save a lot of time. In addition, safety and stability: the risk of injury that is always present when working with ladders and scaffolding here is absent.

  • length of the lance
  • no spitters

Another advantage is the fact that the gun is mounted on the front of the lance. This eliminates a basic problem of conventional lances: with conventional airless spray lances you mount them on the gun and with the trigger on the gun you control the flow of the paint to the lance. Releasing the trigger will stop the flow of paint through the lance and to the tip. This means that, because there is still material in the extension, this will be pushed by the residual pressure to come through the spray tip and create this very typical spitting effects.

Generally, the longer the lance, the worse this spitting effect. Mounting the gun at the front of the lance eliminates this problem. In conventional lances, this problem is easily solved by mounting an anti-spit valve. More on this, in the video blog Prevent spit effects and splashes with airless – anti-spit valve.

All current two- and four-finger pistols from Wagner, Graco, FARBMAX and other manufacturers can be attached to the this new kind of extension.

Disadvantages of the Hyde lance system

Due to the type of construction and its length, this airless lance is clearly heavier than usual extensions. The length also means more weight. In addition, the gun is mounted at the front of the lance, which adds even weight to the arm of the user. And to this you need to add the weight of the hose with the material inside on top of it.

Wagner Vector Grip gun in the Hyde lance

A tool of a length of 3.80 m will certainly take a bit of practice and time in order for anyone to use precisely and get an nice painting job. In short, this tool may require a good bit of skill.

In the near future we want to test this new extension carefully to get a better impression of the advantages and disadvantages. More about this soon.

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