Many of you guys know that airless spray painting can really be a game changer in terms of productivity and quality of work and this is why you love it so much. There is however one problem that, we cannot deny it, turns many painters off, and the big elephant in the room of spray painting is called overspray. Overspray can at first glance seem just a harmless and inevitable mist formation, but it can result in serious material waste and this is going to affect the costs of your projects for sure. But it does not have to be this way.

With a few simple techniques, overspray can be reduced to a minimum. Many of our readers have asked us how to do this, and this is why we have decided to produce a new 2-part video serios entirely dedicated to how to minimize overspray.

Read the Complete Guide to Reduce Overspray.

Video series “Reduce Overspray – Tips and Tricks with Airless Discounter”

Above you can see Part 1 of  the series. This is how the video tutorial overspray series will be structured:

Video Tutorial Overspray – Part 1 

Spraying Technique. How to hold the gun and the correct spraying action.
Spraying Pressure. Find the right pressure setting not to waste material. Includes demonstration.
Spray Tip. Understanding tip colour- and number codes, with a guide for tip selection.
Working Technique. Work more efficiently on the job.

Video Tutorial Overspray – Part 2

Graco OFS & Storch LeOS lances
Airless Rollers: Graco Jet Roller and Wagner Inline Roller IR 100
Heated Hose Systems


We will be publishing all the parts of the tutorial “Reducing Overspray – Tips & Tricks with Airless Discounter” on our Youtube channel over the next couple of weeks.

Read the Complete Guide to Reduce Overspray.

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