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The new Wagner catalogue 2021 for craftsman is available and ready for download. The current product catalogue has the complete professional Wagner contractor assortment on 35 pages.

The catalogue presents offers ranging from XVLP/HVLP applications and light until heavy Airless machines to screw pumps.

Besides that, spraying nozzles and further spraying accessories are explained.

We took a look into the catalogue and gathered here the most important information about novelties and changes in the Wagner assortment for you.

Further below, you can find the link for downloading the catalogue.

Wagner contractor 2021

Wagner Contractor Catalogue 2021

What is new in 2021 in the Wagner Contractor catalogue?

Really new is the Wagner SuperFinish 23 CR Injection pump for working with masonry and pressing cracks.

The base is however known, it seems to be developed from the Wagner SF 23 Pro.

As relieve valve a ball valve is used, for adjusting it to the special stresses while doing injection applications.

A strengthened frame and plastic wheels provide for a secure and uncomplicated transport on the construction site.

Wagner SuperFinish 23 CR

Next to the Wagner SuperFinish 23 Plus there will be from now on the somewhat cheaper SuperFinish 23 Pro on the German market.

Until now this model was only available in foreign countries.

The performance values and the application area of the Wagner SF 23 Pro correspond with the Wagner SF 23 Plus, but there are a couple of differences with the suction, the carriage and the structure of the pump.

In total, the SF 23 Pro is a bit more affordable because of that than the SF 23 Plus.

Wagner SuperFinish 23 CR

Wagner SuperFinish 23 Pro

A couple of models of the Wagner ProSpray series are admittedly not at all in the catalogue.

This affects the Wagner PS 3.23, the Wagner PS 3.29 and the filler machine the Wagner PS 3.39 for beginners.

Wagner SuperFinish 23 Pro

What else is in the Wagner Catalogue 2021?

There are of course a lot of wellknown and establish products in the Wagner Product Compass 2021.

Here an overview:

  • Wagner FinishControl 3500
  • Wagner FinishControl 5000
  • Wagner FineCoat 9900 Plus
  • Wagner SuperFinish 23 Pro
  • Wagner SuperFinish 23 Plus
  • Wagner SuperFinish 33 Pro
  • Wagner SuperFinish 33 Plus
  • Wagner ProSpray 3.20
  • Wagner ProSpray 20
  • Wagner ProSpray 3.21
  • Wagner ProSpray 3.25
  • Wagner ProSpray 3.31
  • Wagner ProSpray 3.34
  • Wagner HeavyCoat 750
  • Wagner HeavyCoat 950
  • Wagner HeavyCoat 970
  • Wagner PlastCoat HP 30
  • Wagner PlastCoat 1030 E
  • Wagner PlastMax
  • Wagner TempSpray Heating tube systems

Overview over the machines

In the last third of the catalogue, there is a useful and compact overview over all spraying machines. In this way, the most important specifications of the different spraying machines are easily and clearly comparable.

Next to technical specifications, like the maximum working pressure, the weight and the maximum nozzle size, the advised application area/project size and the sprayable materials are described.

Information about the list prices can also be found in the catalogue.

Wagner uses colour codes and symbols in the entire catalogue. This makes a fast overview possible for the professional craftsman. The colour codes show for which materials the spraying machine is suitable.

In addition, there are symbols for a single-family house, an apartment building and a block of flats. These symbols provide information about the utilization intensity and the application area of a spraying machine.

Wagner Contractor Catalogue

There are also technical symbols, which offer information about the spraying technique (for example Airless or HVLP) of the particular machine, about the technology (for example piston pump or membrane pump) and the power system.

Download of the Wagner Contractor 2021 Catalogue

With the following link you can find the complete catalogue for downloading.

Click here for the download.

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