In the following article, an overview of the spare parts of the Wagner ProSpray 30 airless sprayer is presented. The technical drawing will help you to identify the spare parts you are looking for. Just click on the items listed in the table below to order them directly in our online shop. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us!

For the complete spare parts diagrams of the Wagner ProSpray 30 airless sprayer, click here.

Spare parts of the Wagner ProSpray 30 fluid section

Ersatzteile für die Wagner ProSpray 30

Spare parts of the Wagner ProSpray 30 fluid section

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Item number

Item description

1 0508695 replaced by 800-328 Nut, lock
2 0508707 replaced by 800-325 Connection, screwed
3 0508708 replaced by 800-327 Ring, intermediate
4 0508709 Packing, upper
5 0508710 replaced by 800-351 Housing, upper
8 0508343 Socket, double
9 0507387 Hose, connection
10 0508711 Packing, lower
11 0508712 Ring, guide
12 0507730 O-ring
13 0507731 Ring, bearing
14 0508713 replaced by 800-352 Housing, lower
18 0508227 Piston (Ref. 19 –> 25)
19 0508714 Piston
20 0507734 Seal, upper
21 0507452 Guide, ball, upper
22 9841502 Ball, valve, outlet
23 0507454 Washer
24 0508715 Seat, valve, outlet
25 0507733 Housing, valve, outlet
27 0507729 Guide, ball, lower
28 3551519 Ball, valve, inlet
29 0508716 Seat, valve, inlet
30 3500203 O-ring
31 0508717 Housing, valve, inlet
0508221 Packings, service set, with machine grease and installation tool
0508718 replaced by 800-359 Tool, installation, packing, lower
0508619 EasyGlide, 118ml
0508620 EasyClean, 118ml
9984507 Hose, high-pressure, DN 6mm, 15m


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