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You’ve had enough of brushes and rollers and you want to get your painting jobs done faster?

A quick search on the Internet has revealed a whole world of paint spray guns and Youtube videos like ours have finally convinced you of the effectiveness of such a machine.

So you’ve chosen a Wagner paint spray gun and now you’re wondering which one is right for you? Follow the guide!


Who is Wagner? History of this airless manufacturer of German origin

Founded in 1947 by Josef Wagner, the German company “Wagner Vertriebsges. mbH” specialised in the repair and sale of electric motors.

The first Wagner paint spray gun, the “Whisker“, was launched shortly afterwards, which marked a turning point in the company’s development.

Within 20 years, Wagner became the largest manufacturer of spray guns in the world.

Through strategic acquisitions such as Titan in the 1990s, it became the second largest supplier of paint spray equipment in the USA behind Graco.

Its headquarters are still located in Markdorf, Germany.

A few figures

  • 1600 employees worldwide
  • 8 production centres on 3 continents
  • 400 dealers and distributors worldwide

Wagner spray guns

Product categories

The Wagner company focuses on three main sectors: private individuals, building professionals and industry.

For craftsmen, Wagner has developed a wide range of machines for various applications:

  • building industry
  • wood and metal processing
  • corrosion and building protection

More information on spray painting here : Introductory Airless Spray Painting Guide

Wagner Airless spray gun

The airless process allows the atomisation of paints and other products by printing materials without air.

Diaphragm or piston pumps are used to increase pressure and are powered either by compressed air, electric motors or internal combustion engines.

Benefits and applications

  • high surface performance and working speed
  • fine atomisation for high visual quality work
  • spraying of more viscous materials than with air-assisted or hvlp is possible

Example of an Airless Wagner spray gun

The Wagner SF HEA 23 Plus pump is a diaphragm sprayer suitable for spraying indoor and outdoor lacquers, water and oil paints.

It is a mobile, light and robust model which is equiped with Wagner HEA technology with a low pressure nozzle and HEA pressure gauge.

Wagner SuperFinish HEA 23 Plus sur chariot

Wagner SuperFinish HEA 23 Plus – buy it on Airless Discounter

Wagner AirCoat spray guns

AirCoat is a term used exclusively by Wagner – in other areas it is referred to as air-assisted spraying.

The AirCoat uses not only a paint supply channel, but also a compressor which supplies the spray gun with compressed air via an air hose.

There is an air cap that directs the air flow around the paint jet and surrounds it.

Benefits and applications

  • particularly soft jet and very high surface quality
  • increased material transfer rate and minimised paint mist
  • suitable for low-viscosity materials such as paint for furniture, windows or other carpentry work

Example of an AirCoat Wagner spray gun

This Wagner SF 23 Plus pump is equipped with AirCoat technology, which enables fine and precise spraying of varnishes and stains.

The Wagner AirCoat 4600 gun is connected to the pump via a double air and material hose – a compressor is required to supply the machine with air.

More information about the Wagner AirCoat guns here.

Pompe AirCoat Wagner SuperFinish 23 Plus

Wagner SuperFinish 23 Plus Aircoat – buy it on Airless Discounter

Wagner spray gun XVLP

Unlike the Airless and AirCoat process, the XVLP process uses air to atomise the material.

A turbine supplies the paint tank with air via a flexible hose. The air displaces the paint and pushes it out of the container.

For information, the term XVLP is a Wagner brand name, which is the equivalent of the term HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) commonly used for this type of paint station.

Benefits and applications

  • spraying at very low pressure (generally less than 1 bar)
  • best suited for low-viscosity materials such as varnishes and lacquers
  • effective for very small quantities of paint (bucket of more or less one litre)

Example of a XVLP Wagner spray gun

The Wagner FinishControl 3500 Spraypack is a low-pressure spray painting device of the XVLP series.

It is ideal for varnishes, standard and high-viscosity lacquers and dispersion paints.

Wagner FinishControl 3500

Wagner FinishControl 3500 – buy it on Airless Discounter

What about Wagner HVLP spray guns?

In the HVLP series, Wagner still offers one machine model.

The HVLP painting station Wagner FineCoat FC 9900 Plus is a low-pressure unit used for qualitative varnish and lacquer applications.

Pompe HVLP Wagner FineCoat 9900 Plus Spraypack

Pompe HVLP Wagner FineCoat 9900 Plus Spraypack – buy it on Airless Discounter

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