One of our clients asked us to explain the difference between a Graco RAC X FF LP nozzle and a Graco RAC X LP nozzle. In the following article we give a quick overview of the features, peculiarities and differences between the FF LP and the LP nozzles.


What are the advantages of LP technology?

Both the FF LP and the LP nozzles are based on a low pressure technology.

This improvement in the spray nozzle allows the spraying and the application of the materials at a lower working pressure.

This results in the following advantages:

  • lower pressure when spraying the paint (according to the manufacturer up to 50%)
  • less pressure = less overspray
  • lower material consumption
  • less effort when masking
  • lower load for sprayer, gun and nozzle = less wear

In addition, a softer spray pattern is produced, which softens more towards the edges.

Since the application of paint is usually overlapping, this may be a considerable advantage.

What is the difference between a Graco RAC X FF LP and a Graco RAC X LP nozzle?

The FF in the FF LP denomination stands for Fine Finish.

This means that the Graco RAC X FF LP nozzles are suitable for finer, lower viscosity materials such as varnishes or glazes. Therefore, the Graco FF LP nozzle is only available in smaller holes between 0.008″ and 0.016″.

Suitable for the spraying of varnishes, glazes, primers up to light interior wall paint. The Graco RAC X FineFinish nozzles are available in even bore sizes, e.g. 0.008″ (208), 0.010″ (410) or 0.014″ (514).

The Graco LP nozzles are available, unlike the FF LP, with odd bore sizes. For example, 0.015″ (515), 0.021″ (621) or 0.031 “(731).

In addition, the low pressure (LP) nozzles come with larger bore holes, allowing the spraying of thicker materials with higher viscosity.

The FF LP nozzles are available up to a bore size of 0.016″, the Graco RAC X LP nozzles have a maximum bore hole of 0.031”.

The difference lies only in the different nozzle sizes.

As a general rule: spray thin materials such as varnishes with the Graco FF LP nozzles. For all thicker materials such as dispersion or facade paint, the Graco RAC X LP nozzles is the one to go for.

In the video here below (in German, but the images speak for themselves) you can get the picture of the difference between a Graco low pressure spray tip and a standard Graco nozzle. We have compared how much pressure it takes to get a decent finish with both nozzle types.

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