Why choose a Graco T-MAX? This is an important question to ask because Graco’s T-MAX series of airless coating machines is the most expensive in the industry. Now, if these machines are a little more expensive than the Mark series machines (V, VII and X), why would you pay more when a Graco Mark sprayer can handle the same product? Well, the answer will involve different criteria that we will present in this article.

Graco T-max

1. Best suited for plasters (thin/thick)

First of all, the Graco T-MAX series is a series of electric airless piston machines, which have been designed to optimize the spraying of semi-thick and thick products such as plasters.

Therefore the accessories and the mechanics of the machine are different from the Mark models, so that the plaster can be better pumped, circulated in the machine and sprayed. This includes:

  • A pre-installed hopper to empty up to 6 bags and work longer without interruption
  • Larger piston for better pumping
  • No unnecessary filter housing
  • A wider internal product duct
  • A wider 10m outlet hose in 1″ than on the Marks (1/2″ and 3/8″) for easier coating passage
  • An airless whip in 3/4″ for easier gun handling
  • A spray gun different from the Blue texspray or Inline texspray to work longer without tiring the hands (+ STX gun possible for the 6912 version)
  • The possibility to optimally rinse the airless hose thanks to special foam balls designed for these large hoses

2. More ergonomic equipment for plastering

As already mentioned above, some equipment makes the difference with those normally given for plastering with the Mark or even DutyMax series machines at Graco.

Here is a list of these equipments:

Graco T-Max 1

3. Easy to transport and use by one person

The question of ease of transport or not can be asked when you see the size of the machine compared to a Mark. However, what is not obvious is the fact that the T-MAX can be divided into two parts. This makes it possible to transport it in a small van and use it for one person without any difficulty. The engine part can be separated from the hopper part.

5. High pump endurance (low repair frequency)

T-MAXs are highly valued for their endurance between jobs. They have proven themselves over the years and we can also testify to their rare appearance in our store.

Simple operation and quality parts allow them to run for a long time before the first problem occurs (provided the machine is properly maintained and cleaned).

But this is an important point to make because when you are a professional user, the best investment you can make is the one that may be expensive at the outset, but will be the cheapest in later years and will give you the best return.

Graco T-Max 2

6. Low cost of parts and repairs

Various points make it possible to say that the maintenance cost of these machines is very often lower compared to the Mark and DutyMax models mainly.

  • Graco T-Maxes have fewer parts that can fail compared to other series
  • So fewer parts means that the likelihood of failure decreases with maintenance each year
  • The parts that fail most often cost less than on other models
  • Therefore, the final bill is very often lower when a repair or a check-up is done
  • Problems that may occur are often easier and faster to identify
  • So you get the machine back faster and your work sites are not burdened by long downtimes.

All this is of course relative to the problem that has occurred, but we can testify to the rare appearance of these models in our workshops.

7. Simple maintenance

The Graco T-MAX being separable in 2 parts and also of a certain size (117 cm to 122 cm), one could believe that maintenance and cleaning take more time than on other machines. However, this is a false assumption, as they have the same buttons for operation as the Mark for example, and thanks to their very simple hopper and pump system, allow for quick and efficient cleaning.

If you take two people to do it, it can be done easily in 10 to 20 minutes. Here is a demonstration of the cleaning of a Graco T-MAX.


8. So when to turn to Graco Mark / DutyMax sprayers ?

Depending on certain uses or needs, the Mark / DutyMax series may be more interesting to consider. These points include:

  • Need to spray coatings AND paints (with the appropriate kit – 17Y051)
  • Low budget
  • Sprays only from pots or containers and not from bags of coatings
  • Need to save space, more compact machine to transport
  • If you need to work over long distances (e.g. more than 30m depending on the model selected)


We hope that this blog post has been able to show you the advantages of this T-MAX series on job sites, with airless pump models suitable for small, medium and large companies, who need to work with plasters of all viscosities, on job sites of 200m² or more and on a regular basis.

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